New York Guide 



So, I’ve been asked to do a post about my recent trip to New York, which I think is a great idea as this is the time of year where holidays to the big apple are very popular, of course who hasn’t dreamt of being in New York at Christmas. I’ve decided to do a ‘Must Do’ guide to help those who have a trip coming up, or for those who hope to plan a visit.

I went to New York with my boyfriend Johnny two weeks before Thanksgiving in November, which made me fear there would be nothing Christmasy about the place. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that Manhattan was just as I wished it would be, full of Christmas lights. We stayed in Midtown Manhattan and honestly had the best time, it’s just a surreal place to be. I would move there in a heartbeat, where I can fulfil my dream of being Carrie Bradshaw…..ahhhhhh.

Anyways, I’ll try make this short as I could talk about how fab the city is for hours. So here are my Must Do’s 



I mean, for obvious reasons. There’s no denying you’re going towards Times Square when you see those lights. It’s just WOW! If you’re there super early in the morning get yourself outside of the Good Morning America studio. We got to see Kathy Griffin being interviewed and were part of the audience outside…hilarious. Also, go to the Toys R Us store, it’s massive. There’s so much to see inside, most people in there are tourist just having a look. There is huge ferris wheel inside the store as well as a giant Barbie dreamhouse…. I was in my element.


We were lucky enough to be staying 10 minutes from here so it was the first thing we did. Now, I was totally up for doing this before we went, but then when you actually see how tall this building is….OMG me nerves! I have a fear of heights and hate elevators so this was not easy for me ha. But lucky the lift was crazy fast…I mean crazy. The view was totally worth it, enough so that we went back again that night.


Before we went away we decided that we wanted to go see The Book of Mormon. It’s from the writers of South Park, so we knew it was going to be hilarious, and we weren’t disappointed. It was important for us to choose a show both myself and Johnny would enjoy, I’m in love with Wicked but knew he wouldn’t sit through that. So The Book of Mormon is a great choice if you’re going as a couple but can’t decide a show you would both enjoy. We booked our tickets from home, they came to about €180 each and our seats were 12 rows from the stage. We knew there was a discount ticket booth in Times Square but worried we wouldn’t get a ticket so bought at home instead. Also, if you do see this show, opposite the theatre (Eugene O’Neill) is a gorgeous bar called Lily’s, full of Victorian paintings entirely covering the wall. The crowd has a real cool vibe and the cocktails are fab…get the Buffalo Soldier 😉



Central Park was one of my highlights. We were lucky to get a beautiful, yet cold, sunny day. It really is massive, we walked the length of it but still missed loads, you could be there for hours. We did get to see The Leob Boathouse,that features in Sex and The City, the Friends fountain, and not forgetting the famous ice skating rink. So many gorgeous views to take in, definitely bring the camera.



Rockerfeller Centre was a hive of energy. Crowds were flocked to here for the gorgeous huge famous tree. Sadly for us, the tree lights had not been turned on yet and was covered by scaffolding (sad face), nonetheless this spot felt so Christmassy. The surrounding area of the ice rink,as you can see from the photo above, had flags placed all around it and the trees had cute fairylights twinkly around them. That’s when I got a real Christmas buzz. Also the area it’s in is quite nice too,NBC studio and Radio City are within walking distance. To my surprise it all looked smaller than I imagined. And no we didn’t actually go ice skating, lads it was Arctic. We didn’t go to the top of the Center but I would recommend it as it would probably be a better view than Empire State, just because the Rockerfeller building itself isn’t much to look at. If anything do one of these in the daytime view and the other in the night, then you’re set.


This was SO much fun. We got our tickets from Ticketmaster before we left which came to €200 each, pricey but worth it. Neither of us had an interest in basketball but felt it would be an experience to watch and to even get to be in Madison Square Garden. You’d be surprised how into the game you get. It really was brilliant. I am now officially a Knicks fan GO KNICKS!! They had the famous front row guests which was pretty cool, famous American football players, tennis players, Michael J Fox…..and Anna Wintour! ANNA FRICKIN WINTOUR!!! I was in the same room, breathing the same air as Anna Wintour…fan girl moment.



Yes, of course I had to to get my Gossip Girl moment with a picture on the steps. Now this might not be for everyone, but I studied history of art in college so I’m a total art nerd and love museums and gallery’s so this was a must for me. What I wanted to see most in here though was their Costume Institute, a space dedicated to more than 35,000 costumes from the 15th Century to present day, including some well known designers. I was absolutely gutted when we got there to be told it was closed due to renovations, so disappointed, but at least I had the fabulous artwork to awe over. I do recommend you know which exhibitions you’d like to see this museum is huge, it’s been said to see everything displayed in there it would take a whole week….told you it was big.

Also feel it’s important to note a few things that would be useful to know

  1. Get a pass for the Hop on Hop off bus tours, we went with The Big Bus Tour company. We got 2days use out of it for $45. Great to get to see places you won’t get to see,and especially for general transport around the city, we used this instead of the subway.
  2. Before you leave order The City Pass online. This gets you to 6 attractions for about €104 , which is a great price. The pass also comes with discount vouchers for Macy’s and Bloomingdales…worth it for that alone girls.
  3. Be sure to get your Visa from the ESTA, it’s about €15.
  4. Research, research, research. Make sure to make an itinerary before you go, there’s so much to do in this city you don’t want to waste time try a plan your day.
  5. ENJOY IT! Don’t worry about needing to see everything, this was my problem at first. Soak it all in, it’s so amazing.

There’s so much more we did, aswell as things we didn’t get to do, but I tried to narrow it down as best I could. Hope this will be of some use to you, if not it was a great outlet for me to boast about my unbelieveable holiday 😆 if anyone has any questions about New York feel free to ask.

Till next time

Aoife ✌

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