The Coat Edition

Hey friends,

We’re right into December now and we are freezing! A winter coat is essential at this time of the year. I was inspired to write this post as I looked through my wardrobe to realise…..I am a coat hoarder. I have too many costs to count, I’m shocked. I must be subconsciously drawn to a good jacket. Which is definitly the case this year as I have seen so many gorgeous coats that I need in my life. I believe that if you’re going to invest in one item this season it has to be a decent coat. Not only is it going to keep you warm in this arctic weather but it covers your fab outfit underneath,so its only right your outerwear is just as amazing. I’ve picked 8 jackets that I love, now I’ve been told that sometimes my style is a bit….ahem different, so some of these might not be to everyone’s taste. But if you’re like me and like a one off piece that stands out GO FOR IT. Who cares what people think, you do you boo 💁🏻

Shrimps €683

This jacket gives me life. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, then as I Googled images for this I came across celebs like Lily Allen and Miss Alexa Chung herself wear it. So yeah, me and Alexa have the same style ✌🏼️I am fond of a little leopard print, I own a leopard print fur coat (very Cat Slater I know) but this one is just amazing, and I’m loving the blue fur trim. It’s everything. On the pricier end of the scale but leopard print ain’t going anywhere. Buy Here

ASOS €97.79

I love this style of jacket, and grey is a great wearable colour. The pea coat is so stylish with that masculine tayloring. This one from Asos is beautiful in this oversize style, and the longer length is great for extra warmth to cover your Nikki Minaj in this cold. Buy Here

H&M €119

This coat I have already mentioned in My Christmas Wishlist and it deserves another mention. I am in love with this coat. I’m in dire need of a fur coat and this is really like the Joseph’s Technicolour Dream Coat of all coats. Again, why buy a block colour fur coat when you can buy this beauty. Am I alone in the admiration of this coat? View Here

Forever21 €72 

Suede has been everywhere this season and I think suede in the form of a coat really is just beautiful. Especially this one from Forever21, the rust colour is gorgeous. We’re so used to winter coats being oversized and padded making us look bigger than we are, but this cut is nice and snug. Though it may not be the warmest you’ll definitly be the most stylish. Buy Here

Forever21 €48


Leather jacket is something every girl should have in their wardrobe. If you don’t have one, I give you permission to stop reading this, and get yourself to Forever21 for this one. A leather jacket is something you can wear casually with jeans or throw together with a dress to give it that edge. I love a leather jacket with a fur trim, it just sasses it up, and this one is fab and removable too. I love the buckle detail at the end too it’s a nice touch. This jacket also comes in a burgundy. Buy Here

Boohoo €34

Ah the bomber. I got one last Christmas from Topshop in khaki and I can tell you now I got some wear out of it. They’re nice to wear when your going casual in a pair of your favourite skinny jeans, jumper and runners. Boohoo has tonnes of styles and colours but this one I love. The burgundy is a bit different to the black or khaki. A definite must get if you’re looking for a nice casual jacket, a change to the leather. Buy Here

Boohoo €34

Ooooh I just want to get my face in that coat…..because it looks soft and cosy…don’t judge. These shaggy coats are a nice alternative to the fur coat. Granted not as warm as one but you’ll look just as fashionable. This one from Boohoo is a great neutral colour (also comes in black) that will go with almost anything. You can wear the most plainest of outfits yet throw this on and you automatically look chic. I want. Buy Here

ASOS €175

Now, I have saved the best for last. This shearling coat is the coat of my dreams. Is anybody else loving shearling this season? Don’t worry you won’t look like Del Boy in something like this. I can’t get over how gorgeous this coat is, and it’s real leather. I’d say it is the most warmest coat going. When I saw it I knew it looked familiar, till then I realised its identical to the Coach shearling coat from this season,which is like 10times the price. This from Asos was originally €250 but is now reduced to €175!!!! A steal in my opinion, shearling comes back every winter and it’s real leather so you will get years out of it. If anybody wants to donate money towards this coat for me I will greatly appreciate it. Buy it for me Here 

Hope you guys like my selection and hope some of the choices weren’t a little too ‘out there’ ha. Do let me know.

Until next time

Aoife ✌🏼️

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