Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 

Hey friends,

I’ve bought just a small few bits over the last 2weeks or so and decided to share them with your good selves. I have such a terrible shopping habit, I know you’re probably like ‘ah yeah so does every girl’ but no. I literally can’t stop spending money, the feeling I get from seeing an item I love and buying it is like my aphrodisiac. It’s a sick habit, shopping is my drug and I need a fix EVERY week, maybe twice a week. It’s Christmas so I really need to stop being selfish with money and buy presents. Also doing this blog does not help with the addiction. So these bits will be the last till after Christmas…..well that’s the plan.

The following bits I’ve bought online. Again nothing I needed, just what I didn’t have and definitely wanted.



I’ve wanted culottes for ages. These I’ve bought from Boohoo, think they were about €16. I wanted a white/cream pair but when these arrived they’re actually a really pale pink/nude. Bit disappointing. Think next time I’ll look out for a black pair, they’ll be easier to wear. If anyone has seen a black pair online or in Waterford do let me know.



I didn’t have a bodysuit but thought they’d be super handy to wear. I always wear skirts going out so thought this would be fab with a lot of them,aswell as jeans (might do a How To Wear a bodysuit post). It’s from Missguided and cost around €22. It’s a real slinky material. It’s so low plunge, more so than I thought it would be, so I might have to use a pin to cover some of it (I’m so sensible I know ha). I like the long sleeve though as you’re so on show in the front, if it was sleeveless I might feel a bit too self conscious. And it’s surprisingly comfortable on.



I love the brand Vans and had my eye on this plain black tshirt with white Vans logo. It’s oversized with roll up sleeve,and the material is so soft. I’ll wear this with black skinny jeans, converse and leather jacket, you get the kind of vibe I’m going for? This is from ASOS costing €23.


My next purchases are from Penneys. As us girls know, you go in for one thing and come out with a haul. Let my haul commence.

False Nails 








I have the terrible habit of biting my nails, disgusting I know. So I love buying these false ones and for €1.50 I like to buy a few. I feel like such a lady when I wear nails, tapping on everything. I file them down a lot as I can’t stand them long, even at that I find doing every day tasks so difficult when I’m wearing them, but that’s just me. I got a red set, which I’m sporting at the minute, and a black matte set with a gold tip, nice and festive.

Pencil Skirt


Love me some leather. This pencil skirt is amazing. It’s the perfect midi length with pockets…pockets…hurrah. It also came in a tan colour but I live in black. All black errythang! For €16 it was a steal. Can’t wait to wear this with my Missguided bodysuit, hot as.

Long Top 


I’ll be honest, when I bought this I thought it was a shift dress. And I never try clothes on, I hate doing it and will only if I need to. So when I tried it on to realise it was a top I wasn’t too happy. It’s actually got two big slits up either side, so I suppose you could wear leggings but I’m not a leggings kind of girl. You could of course wear jeans with it but I’m so used to tucking everything into my jeans that I’m so thrown buy the length of this. For €12 I suppose I’ll keep it as it’s something different and I do like the colour. I would like it better if the turtle neck was bigger, but ah such is life.

Fur lepel 

I couldn’t resist this fur lepel for €9. There are loads of different sizes and colours, but I love this one and the colour will go with loads. I have an oversized tweed coat I’ll put this with, and maybe my leather jacket. This too would be fab with even just a top or jumper to really class up a look.

Photo pegs 


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m hoping to get the Fujifilm Instax camera for Christmas and think the Polaroids will look so cute hanging on this. You get 10 white pegs with black designs and a little vintage looking rope to hang them on. For €3 I think it’s so cute. Penneys homeware game is strong this year. Now let’s hope I actually get that camera.

False Lashes

Now, everyone was raving about Penneys individual false lashes, till I realised I had got the wrong one. Typical. It’s the actual Penneys make P.S that everyone is getting, silly me. I’m terrible with putting eyelashes on. True story now, but I have to put lashes on earlier in the day before I do any other of my make up, purely because it takes me so long to put them on. I’ll be there at like 2 in the day applying false lashes and then that night do my make up. I suck at being a girl sometimes ha. I was hoping I would find individual lashes easier and can do your own custom look but in my option I find them too awkward. But I suck with lashes anyway so could just be me.


I mean, just because we’re in constant need of these two, am I right?!


Can we all take a minute to admire my lovely new shoes. I actually was looking for black pointed toe boots, as all the boots I own are tan. Then I spotted rows of brogues and loved them. All I own and wear are my variety of brown boots or runners, so thought sure feck it I’ll buy brogues. They had so many different material ones but I loved these black patent ones for only €12. Wasn’t until I saw them I realised how much they would go with my clothes. Can’t wait to give these a day out.

Finally, that’s the lot. Have you got any of the same pieces? Or can you recommend anything else I could buy?

Until next time

Aoife ✌🏼️


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