Favourite Irish Bloggers/Vloggers and MUA’s 

Hey friends,

Leather Confessions will be officially a month old this Saturday, St.Stephens Day 26th….all together now..awwww! I know sure it’s only a baby. I’ve always been into following other bloggers anyway but since I have started my own I’ve gotten more into finding new ones to follow. And I love coming across Irish Bloggers and Vloggers, I think it’s important to have local people to admire and inspire myself to be as successful as I guess. So with that I’ve decided to do a post of those Irish bloggers, vloggers and make up artists that I love following online and would recommend others to follow also. Now, I know you are probably going to expect some of the typical well known bloggers that most girls will have heard of, but as much as I respect their work and admire their success…they are just not my style of blogger that I like to follow is all so you won’t see their names on this list.

The first three girls I’m starting with are all from my home county of Waterford. Representing the Deise 👊


I’ve been following Laura for a while now and the girl gets it right every time!! Her make up is always flawless. I have her on Snapchat too and everyday I hope she puts somethings up because it’s either helpful or I just laugh at her because she’s gas. She works with Urban Decay so she knows her stuff. Laura always has some useful tip or a new product to recommend and for that I think she’s def one to follow. She’s always active on Snapchat Instagram and Facebook which is great.  Laura’s links : FACEBOOK-  Laura Dempsey MakeUp INSTAGRAM- laudempseymua SNAPCHAT- laudempmakeup BLOG- Laura Dempsey Make Up WordPress YOUTUBE- Laura Dempsey Make Up



I always loved Penneys To Prada and only recently discovered that Emer is from Waterford HURRAH 🙌 She is always in the know of the latest products and style. Emer’s really active on social media too so you’ll always be updated which I love. I love having someone local on Snapchat because you know if she’s spotted something worth recommending that it’s going to be accessible to me. I’m obsessed with Instagram and Penneys to Prada is one I like to creep on. The girl is worth following, I mean she doesn’t have 19,000 Facebook followers for nothing. Emer’s links : FACEBOOK- Penneys To Prada INSTAGRAM- penneystoprada SNAPCHAT- penneystoprada BLOG- Penneys To Prada Blogspot



Collette is a Waterford make up artist 🙌Support local and all that eh?! Collettes work is just beautiful. I was lucky enough to get my make up done by her for my cousins wedding last year and she really is so talented. There are so many make up artists out there and I’m sure it’s hard for them to stand out from everyone else but for me she’s tops. Please go give her a follow. Collettes links : FACEBOOK- Make Up By Collette Griffin INSTAGRAM- makeupbycollette



Ahhh, I’m always so fascinated by this girls work. She always looks stunning. She literally is an artist with makeup. I love her Instagram, every look of hers is always so different. And she’s so pretty. Amy has a YouTube channel too and the girl is a buzz. Definitly check her out. Amy’s links : FACEBOOK- Amy Connaughton MakeUp Artist INSTAGRAM- amyconnmakeup SNAPCHAT- amyconnaughtonmakeup YOUTUBE- Amy Connaughton

As much as I’m interested in make up and beauty, fashion is what I love the most and where my heart lies. And so here are my top favourite Irish fashion bloggers.



For as long as I’ve had Instagram I’ve been following Leanne. I love this girls style, it’s quirky and cool, she’s essentially a glam grunge. I don’t follow anybody else that has a style like her, she has her own unique taste and that’s what I love about her. I just like how she comes across overall through her Instagram, easy going, genuine and a badass girl 👊 Leanne’s links : FACEBOOK- Leanne Woodfull INSTAGRAM- leannewoodfull BLOG- Thunder and Threads YOUTUBE- Leanne Woodfull


I’m new to Niamh’s blog but I’m loving it. She’s got such a great style. What I like about her look is that it’s something all girls can achieve, and she always wear the latest trends, not just because their ‘in’ but because they suit her. Her makeup is always fab too, she’s gorgeous. Niamh’s links : INSTAGRAM- niamh_lovelife BLOG- Love Life Blog 



I am obsessed with this girl. I love Sarah’s style, it’s my kind of style all over. I want everything in this girls wardrobe. She knows how to style pieces together so well, even her laid back look is trendy.  She’s into vintage and charity shopping which is something that needs to be pushed more, so I’m glad she’s an advocate for that. I love the look of her Instagram, and her blog is a good read as well. Sarah’s links : INSTAGRAM- i_come_undone SNAPCHAT- icomeundone BLOG- I Come Undone

I know there are plenty other Irish bloggers and what not but to me the ones I’ve listed are more influential to me and my blog and what I hope to achieve with Leather Confessions. (And others I felt were just worth mentioning as they deserve the recognition) As I’ve mentioned, I’m so new to the blogging world and have so much to learn but I’m absolutely loving it so far. So looking up to someone in my field and from Ireland is really important to me. Hopefully one day I can even be half as successful as these girls. A girl can dream eh?!

Until next time

Aoife x

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for this Aoife! It made my day to hear all those lovely things said (I’m at the tail end of a very long day in work so I reeeeeally needed it!). I’m delighted you like what I’m up to & hopefully I’ll keep you interested throughout 2106 🙂 xx

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