Are you fur real?




Hey guys,

Don’t let the title frighten you, I’m not getting into a heated debate about real vs faux fur.This was originally meant to be an outfit post but the weather was just so miserable it would have been too bad to get any decent shots,and I’m so sick so standing in rain didn’t appeal to me. Then I tried to do it in my house, and the lighting wasn’t great either. Needless to say, nothing was working out for me, sob story much? But nobody likes to waste a good outfit or make up do they? So I’ve tried to take some pictures of details of my outfit, with the main feature being this gorgeous faux fur coat.

Ok, lets talk about this jacket. If you follow me on Facebook link here then you will have seen me post about this fur coat I came across reduced in Tesco….yes TESCO!! I couldn’t believe it. Now Tesco is my local, so when I’m doing some shopping I do have a nosy in the clothes section and they do have some nice pieces but this coat takes the biscuit. It originally was around €50 or so, and was reduced to €31, amazing value. If you know me, you know I love a bitta fur, there’s nothing like it. I already have a leopard print fur coat but have been on the look out for a colour easier to wear, and this F+F one is perfect. Shout out to my mam who got if for me for Christmas, some woman.

Its black, white and flecks of grey. The hair is quite long on it and does shed, but I guess it doesn’t help that I stroke it an awful lot….just feels so nice ha. It is quite a big fit, I would be between and 8-10 for the most part, and got an 8 in this and its a nice fit. Could still wear a jumper underneath and not be caught at the underarm, hate when that happens. The length is long, covering my behind. The only thing that made me hesitant in getting this is that it is a hook and eye fastening. I mean it’s not a huge issue but I find that they don’t always stay in place, but I don’t see myself fastening it up anyway.

I’ve shown how I wore this coat today in the above photos. I had my staple Leigh jeans from Topshop, a cute ribbed high neck green tshirt from Penneys, love that bottle green colour. A couple of long chains, alot of arm candy, I love to wear a lot of rings, and black patent brogues from Penneys with gold glitter socks on show….sure why not. Along with my Christmas Day outfit, beige high neck jumper, leather mini skirt, over knee suede boots. To find out the details of the outfit just click the image.

No doubt you will see this coat in many an outfit post. If you see a little one wondering around Waterford looking like a fur ball, thats me 🙋🏻

Talk tya soon,

Aoife x


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