2015 Biggest Fashion Trends

Hello friends,

Its the second last day of 2015? what the actual? Time really does go incredibly fast. I felt it was the perfect opportunity to look back at some of this years biggest fashion trends that hit the runway and right into our high street stores….and found their way to our wardrobe.

It has been a big year for revivals of the 70s and 90s. The 70s era I totally understand, who wouldn’t have wanted to be around in the 70s where you could be the ultimate hippy boho chick. The 90s on the other hand was questionable. Thankfully alot of the trends from the 90s was from a grunge view, both in clothing and make up, and somehow that works in 2015. I’m all for it. So below I’ve outlined the trends that stood out to me in 2015, and for all the right reason.

  1. The Jumpsuit


I don’t remember jumpsuits ever having such a big place in fashion before. Finally a stylish alternative for those that don’t like baring their legs in dresses and skirts. It is such a classy look, and they are so comfortable. I always thought I was too short for a jumpsuit (I’m about 5’3/4) but when I got my first jumpsuit I loved it. I got a dead plain one from New Look and I’ve worn it casually with a polo neck underneath and runners as well as dressed it up in statement necklace and heels for a night out. So handy. OK, not the best thing to be wearing when you’re out after having a few and DYING to use the loo, but hey at least you’re looking well eh?

2. Khaki 

Khaki has been the colour of the year in terms of fashion. No longer is it the colour of those heading off to a safari in Africa or the military men, oh no, us women have taken this colour and brought it right into the centre of our lives. I love khaki, in any shade, I’m just all over it. Khaki with white or black for me is killer. And it compliments most skin tones.

3. Tuxedo Suit

OK this has been around for years, granted, but never has it been so popular at red carpet events. I am a big fan of these suits on women, if its got a good cut you’re on to a winner. They bring a touch of sexy androgynous to the contrast of the everyday feminine look that women portray. Long gone are the days when it was thought there was nothing sexier than a woman in a form fitting revealing dress. A beautiful tuxedo suit screams sexy yet sophisticated. And nobody does womens suit better than YSL.

4. Runners 

Now this a trend that I didn’t see coming, and one that would normally offend my eyes. But thankfully sports brands such as Nike, New Balance and Adidas, have gotten into making more of a fashion runner as I call them. Runners that are sleek and cool looking and would be of no use to working out, and in colours that would 100% go with your outfits. Remember years ago wearing you’re wide leg denim blue jeans with your scruffy white runners….jaysus have times changed. Now you can wear your skinnies with Nike Air Max Thea and it instantly adds a laid back vibe to your look while still being fashionable, and most important  comfortable.

5. Off The Shoulder 

You couldn’t have missed this trend, and if you’re like me you probably have a few items of this style at home. The main one you’ll remember is the off the shoulder,usually white, peasant top (centre image) these were huge during the summer, adding a cute boho quality to your outfit. I love this style I think it’s really pretty with a hint of  hello boys haha. And it’s nice to show off that area of your body, not usual to have it all open like that. Getting to show off your collar bones and shoulder, adding some shimmer to give them that glow.

6. Suede 

I’d say you were only waiting for this to appear in the list at some point. This is one of the years biggest trends by far. It first appeared in Spring and by the looks of the runways for next Spring/Summer suede is not going anywhere. Phew, we can keep the plethora of suede goods we own. It is probably one of the only trends that has been in every form, from clothing to footwear to accessories. Tan was the main colour of choice, for obvious reasons, its gorgeous. But it too came in burgundy and black. I loved it in burgundy I think it’s really rich looking. The suede is a serious nod to the 70s trend that we couldn’t get away from this year.

7. Fringe

Where there’s suede there’s fringe. You could have one without the other but when teaming them together you have a serious look going on. Fringe gives the ultimate bohemian vibe to your outfit. It was massive in the summer, especially at festivals, it is just a really playful addition to a look. I had a midi skirt with fringe going down either side I had got from Boohoo, you could imagine the fun I had on nights out wearing it, so much so I may have shimmied too much and tangled the fringe, it was a sad day. And yes, I am well aware Miranda Kerr is wearing the same jacket as Kate Moss in the previous photo but in different shades, I’m just trying to prove a point with the suede and fringe here haha.

8. The Duster Coat 

Ah these coats are so beautiful, and with all my many many jackets I still don’t own one, must change that soon. The best style of these coats, for me, are the bigger the lapel the better, with no button fastening, just a wrap style with a belt to tie. These to me are the quintessential duster coat. And again for me the colour has got to be camel, its a classic shade that wont ever go out of fashion. They are so easy to wear and instantly makes your outfit look chic, even if you’re wearing your jammies underneath, sure who’s to know.

And so that completes my look back at what stood out for me in the fashion world in 2015. I wonder what we will find ourselves loving next year, and will we look back at some of this years trends at think ‘what were we thinking?’  But that’s what I love about fashion, there’s always going to be something new to come along and take our interest. What stood out for you in 2015?

Have a great New Years, and thank you so much to everyone who has been following me, your support is always appreciated.





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