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Hello friends,

Welcome to 2016!

My first post of the year will be about something I feel I have been blowing the heads off people about lately, matte lips, in specific matte liquid lipsticks. I love my make up to be matte, be it the look of a foundation, eyeshadows and lips. And nothing makes me happier than matte lips. I seriously have not touched any of my lipsticks that have a gloss to them since discovering matte lipsticks. When I was in New York in November I set out to buy several kinds of matte liquid lipsticks, and that’s exactly what I did. So much so I was so focused on getting them I didn’t think to buy hardly anything else, how annoying. So in this post, I’ll talk you through all the matte lipsticks I have, from everything to packaging, ease of use, level of matte, pigment and lasting time.

  1. Kat Von D ‘ Everlasting Liquid Lipstick’ 


When in Sephora I knew I had to get my hands on some Kat Von D Beauty. I got 2 of these liquid lipsticks. I wanted a classic red ‘Outlaw’ and wanted something completely out there, a blue ‘Echo’. The packaging is lovely, they come in long thin tubes, decorated in black floral design. As far as pigment goes it’s amazing. It goes on with such ease. I did find that Outlaw faded faster than Echo. I didn’t need to top up Echo at all wearing it, but Outlaw began to fade from centre of my lips. In saying that, when removing the two you really need to scrub because those colours ain’t budging. Best thing about these is that they didn’t feel drying to my lips like most liquid lipsticks. I’m my opinion, these are probably the best matte liquid lipsticks I have. Totally recommend. Buy Here

2. Sephora ‘Luster Matte’ 

I really just got this because it was cheaper than the rest of them and I liked the colour. I got ‘Plum Luster’ it’s a light shade of plum. To be honest, it’s not all that matte, but not all that gloss either. It basically just reminds me of a MAC Creme Sheen lipstick consistency wise.  When swatched it looks really gorgeous and pigmented, but on its sadly not the case. If you hate the drying feeling of a matte lip, and are willing to sacrifice the level of how matte your lips will be, it might just be for you so. Buy Here

3. Lime Crime ‘Velvetine’ 

Now these were ones I was really looking forward to getting, restrained myself at getting two but I was willing to get the whole collection. They were available to buy in Urban Outfitters. The colours are beautiful. I got a deep wine colour ‘Wicked’ and a grey ‘Cashmere’. I find Wicked it harder to apply then Cashmere, it seems to be a different consistency. The colour is fab though, a lot darker on than the swatch. Compared, Cashmere is like a dream. It’s a grey with a violet undertone (more so than it shows in the swatch also) and doesn’t look as grunge as I expected. It just glides on the lips. The colour lasts all day on me, topping up only in the centre. It does feel very drying. But I will say if you really moisturise your lips beforehand it doesn’t feel it as much. The packaging is so cute, in a glass tube, with a red floral lid. Like the Kat Von D ones, you will notice the effort to take off, staining your lips and all around it, so be careful when applying it can get messy ( I’ve learned the hard way many a time). These I really do recommend, want to get my hands on some more of these bad boys. Buy Here

4. OCC (Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics) ‘Lip Tar’

I only had heard of these from YouTube videos where it got mixed reviews. One important thing to note about these products is that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free..yes good job OCC. I got them in a store called Ricky’s, it had everything from makeup to hair products, nails, the works. It’s such a gem of a store, it sold the Morphe products also. Anyway, so I got 2 of these, really dark plum ‘Vintage’  and a coral ‘Clockwork’. They come in a small squeezy tube, to be applied with lip brush. The consistancy is quite watery, you can even see it running in the swatch. You’re advised to apply just a small amount,but I found doing this the pigment wasn’t as strong as I’d like. I found Vinatge to be more matte than Clockwork. Clockwork to me just isn’t matte. If a small bit of Vintage is applied it will be more matte, but overall that too wasn’t as matte as I’d like. They also smell a bit funny, like cheap children’s make up you can get. Overall I barely use these, I don’t like having to use a brush either,not for me. Buy Here

5.  MAC ‘Matte’ Lipsticks 

 I’ve had two of these for what seems like forever and they are 2 of my favourite lipsticks. I have ‘Heroine’ and ‘Taupe’. They are just everything you want in a matte lipstick. From consistency to pigment to last, they are brilliant. Heroine is a beautiful bright purple shade and it’s a favourite of mine. Taupe is a gorgeous light brown shade and it’s my go to day lipstick. Taupe is a a lot creamier than Heroine. I fully do not need to top up when wearing these, I find they last me the whole day. And because they are creamy they are not drying, hurrah! I do not know why I have only 2 of these but I’m 100% going to change that. On a side note MAC have released ‘Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick’ and they looking amazing. Definitly gotta try those. Buy Here


Tips for Liquid Lipstick:

  • Outline your lips with a lip liner. It’s very easy to over draw your lips with these and so having your outline done really helps follow the line.
  • This can be a benefit too if you like that look. And it doesn’t look obviously done either like I find it does with a normal lipstick.
  • Before you apply your make up, really moisturise your lips first. So by the time you get to your lips they’re not dry. Last thing you want is a drying product on dry lips, you’ll be snap crackling and popping left right and centre.
  • As mentioned, they can be tough to remove. Good in one sense that you know they’ve stayed put but annoying if you decide the colour doesn’t suit your look and want to change. I find wet wipes are the best for removing them, ordinary make up remover takes a bit longer.

Reading back I seem a bit harsh on some of these. But if I buy something that’s advertised as matte, I’m going to want it to be matte. Sure, you could try make them matte with some tissue and powder but I’d imagine it would get fairly sticky. So if it’s pure matte you’re looking for like myself Kate Von D and Lime Crime are for you. Hope this was of some use to you. Again, the descriptions were just my experience with these products. If you’re experience was the same or if you have advice on how to get the full quality of these products do let me know.

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