All In The Details OOTD#3




Hey there,

So this is my third Outfit Of The Day post, which actually isn’t a number I’m proud of. I hoped to do more of these posts, but it’s so difficult using my poor unwilling boyfriend to be photographer for me, having to wait until he’s free. It’s so frustrating. So if anybody would like to be photographer for me I shall pay you with my company and a coffee 😁

Anyways, everything in this look I love. Each item is something of a favourite of mine, so why not through them all together eh? To me, I feel like this look is quintessentially my style.

This leopard print fur coat I have had for a lifetime. Actually spotted it in Dunnes Stores reduced to only €20!!! I mean, what a bargain. It’s the cosiest coat. At first when I got it I was a bit self conscious of it as a leopard print fur coat can sometimes look tacky and I used to think I looked like Cat Slater from Eastenders in it. But now I adore it and feel like a feisty sassy pimp in it, and who doesn’t want to feel like that hah. I just think this coat adds instant cool to any look. Everybody needs a little leopard print in their life.

I’m a big fan of fedoras. This is actually my only one, it’s about 2years old. Sometimes I find the fedora really adds to a look. Same with my bowler hat. Trust me, next time you think you’re dressed ready to leave the house, try out a few hats and you’ll see how they can really compliment your outfit. I only have a small selection of headwear because I know exactly what kind of vibe they’ll give my clothes, what goes with what and they are just what I need. I definitly advise you to buy a fedora for yourself, even just a cheap one from Penneys/Primark, just to see how you like it. I think a lot of people think they look stupid in them but I really think they suit most people.

These dungarees are something I’ve wanted for ages, and luckily got as a Christmas present (Thanks Mam). I think these are just so stylish. I keep banging on that I’m sick of my staple of skinny jeans (I actually live in my black skinnys) and so have been in search of nice dressy/casual trousers. But these dungarees are weaning me off jeans nicely, as they are obviously jeans, but not skinny, and not jeans….you know what I’m trying to say 🙂

Lastly,the shoes. Converse are something I’m sure most of you have, if not you definitely have Vans. I mean, you don’t want to be in boots the whole time so I think these kind of shoe are just a handy item to have. I already have a wine colour low Converse, but wanted these black high tops for ages ( another Christmas present, thanks Johnny). I wear a lot of black so obviously it was only right I got black Converse.

Fedora Hat: Penneys/ Primark

Coat: Dunnes Stores

Grey Top Underneath: Penneys/Primark

Dungarees: Topshop

Shoes: Converse- JD Sports

Hope you liked this look and can take some inspiration from it.


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