Art and Fashion 

Hey guys,

I’m not sure how much this post will interest most of you that follow me for fashion and beauty updates. But this is something that I wanted to write about as it is my two loves combined, Art and Fashion. And I’m now kicking myself I didn’t write my dissertation in college on this hah.

Something I’m not sure you know about me (besides friends and family) is that I studied History of Art in college. Art was always my first love, back in secondary school I discovered my passion for it. I too, always was obsessed with shopping and fashion. Personally I think both these two go hand in hand. Fashion is a form of art. Clothing being the artwork/medium and the catwalk/stores being the gallery. Both these forms inspire each other. What I loved researching this post was that I discovered certain designers I had never known to have a collab with artists. I won’t go into much detail with this, though from studying art it’s ingrained into me to delve right into the meaning of things. But we’ll keep it simple here 🙂

1. Mondrian for Yves Saint Laurent 1965

This painting is probably the most well known out of the ones about to be mentioned. YSL created 6 cocktail dresses inspired by this abstract paintings of Mondrian in 1965. You can see how these painting ( from the 1940’s) inspired Saint Laurent, they do look very 60’s in colour pattern. You can too see why these dresses in the 60’s were popular as of their simple block colour and shape. Can definitely see a young girl bopping around in this listening to the Beatles.

2. James Nares for Coach 2012

Coach had been known to do artist collaborations but none like James Nare. James Nare was known for his canvases that consisted of pure brush stroke. Bright vivid colour subjected onto a canvas and leather tote bag of course was going to be a hit. It was a bag that was going to get you noticed.

3. Keith Haring for Tommy Hilfiger 2010

 Keith Haring was an artist and social activist, I’m sure some of you are familiar with these little stick men?  They did a collection of children’s runner and wellies. You can see Hilfiger was clever about the artist he chose, knowing the bright colours and stick figures would attract kids.

4. Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton  2008

   This was done at the time when Marc Jacobs was creative director of Louis Vuitton, which might explain the madness of it. The actual collab collection is that of Louis Vuitton bags which were spray painted and had texts worked into them. What I love most about this isn’t even the collection itself, it’s how Jacobs had the models dress like actual figures in Princes’ work, that of nurses. One thing for the artist to stylise a product, but another for a designer to recreate a painting quite literally. It’s insane but has to be appreciated.

5. Salvador Dali for Elsa Shiaparelli 1937

Lastly I couldn’t write up something about art and not mention my favourite artist Salvador Dali, most of you will know as the guy with the mad moustache or for his melted clocks. Dali was always into fashion and Elsa Shiapparelli was an Italian designer who was a big fan of Dali’s. Dali used lobsters a lot at the time in his work, so felt it was only fitting that when working with Shiaparelli that he incorporated a lobster. The dress was a simple evening gown, classic of the time, just with a giant lobster stealing the attention.

I know this might have been a different post to do, but what’s the point in having a blog if I can’t write something that interests me. Next time you go shopping you might see how some designers of today are inspired by artists via colour or content.

Until next time,  img_0629-1


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