The Diary of an Unemployed Girl- The walk to the dole office is not the walk of shame



This post is one in particular I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. I didn’t want people to make an opinion of me because I wasn’t working. Lets face it, everyone has formed an opinion of those who are ‘on the dole‘. Sure, before I was in the situation myself, I did too.

Now, I won’t give you a complete run down of my working history, I’ve had my share of jobs. Not because I can’t keep a job, trust me, but because I found I was just taking on a job until the next best thing came along, such a miserable way to be. Sadly this is not the first time I have not been working. The first time, I left my first job where I had been for over 5 years, to take on a new one, where I knew I was only going to be a temp for max of 3 months, you probably think I’m a complete idiot now. I did this because I was becoming increasingly unhappy in my other work, and the one I was starting in is a brand I loved and wanted to work for. Je ne regrette rien.


I was out of work for 3 months then before I got myself another job. Now here I am again, 2 years on, and out of work for over a month now. It is most definitely not a situation I want to be in, or feel I deserve to be in. For me, at 25 years old I thought I’d have my shit together by now, but I’m sure every 20 something thinks that….I hope anyway ha. I know I shouldn’t be, but I  am quite picky when it comes to the kind of job I want to apply for. Reason being, I am sick of applying for jobs for the sake of applying. Like us all, I want a job where I can build my career in. People who don’t understand can be quick to judge ‘just apply you need the money‘ or ‘you can’t afford to be picky‘ well sorry, but unless you’ve been in my situation I don’t want your opinion. I’m sick of settling and that’s what it comes down to.


When I finished in my last job, I saw it as an opportunity to finally try sort myself out. To seek opportunities in the area I want to work, to ‘find’ myself, as it were. It too was the time my blog came about, so thankfully I had time to establish that. Sadly the opportunities in which I wanted to pursue involved money, more money than I have. Sidenote: Ireland needs to offer more full time fashion courses, as well as more affordable ones.

If I didn’t have this blog I honestly don’t know how I would have coped. It is the one thing that has truly kept me going. It gives me time to research, write, and to connect with followers via Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. My time out of work has also made me more determined to get to where I want to be, to be the woman I want to be.

What I learned from my stint of unemployed life:

  1. Don’t trust everyone. At the end of the day, most people only look out for themselves.
  2. Never doubt your abilities.
  3. Nothing like not working to make you learn where you want to be in life.
  4. Staying in bed til midday is going to keep you up all night. I’ll soon learn.
  5. Walking to the dole office is not the walk of shame. It’s the walk of ‘ Heck I’ve worked for 8 years I earned these stamps for having customers down my throat’.
  6. It’s not the end of the world.

I think it is important not to judge those who are not working and ‘on the dole’. Yes, of course there are those who take advantage of the system, it happens. But don’t paint us all with the one brush, some of us are graduates, hard working and reliable. It is so hard for me to tell people I’m out of work, the pity sighs, the looks of disapproval. Yes, I’m not working but I can certainly tell you I’m taking that time to work on myself to make sure I don’t have to be in this situation again. Not working shouldn’t define a person.

One thing for sure, I may not have a job but I have a goal and I won’t settle for any less.



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3 thoughts on “The Diary of an Unemployed Girl- The walk to the dole office is not the walk of shame

  1. Aoife, this is such an amazing post and I appreciate you being so open about your experience. These days, it’s certainly harder than ever to find a and keep a job; there are people being laid off who believed they would retire at the place they’ve worked for, for so long. With that, you are absolutely right in suggesting that no one passes judgement on someone who is unemployed. It does not mean that the person is lazy or incapable. I hope that you will find a career opportunity that meets all of your needs and expectations and that truly gives you joy and passion and that pays better than any job you’ve ever had, along with wonderful benefits. Keep going because you’re going somewhere and you’ll be able to look back and see this documented and the comments written and understand that everything does happen for a reason 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful, and again, thanks for sharing!




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