Monochrome Vibes OOTD 7


Hi friends,

Today’s outfit post is a nod to the monochrome trend. Black and white will always be a classic look no matter what way you style it.



The main features of this look is the coat, shoes and shirt. You will have seen this jacket before. For me it’s important to have at least one fun piece of outerwear, it covers the rest of your clothes so make sure it stands out. Fur is a great way of achieving this. And it’s super warm.

The shirt is real cute, it’s a mix of polka dot, check and stripe. And the shoes I just love. OK they are not one bit practical. First time I wore these I walked from my house to the car outside, and I literally tripped on top of the car. True story. But they are amazing, and sometimes we suffer for our fashion ladies.

One thing I want people to take from my outfit posts is to wear what makes you feel comfortable in, and what makes you feel YOU! Some items I’m wearing here I’m sure some would deem questionable, be it the shoes, coat, even maybe my sunglasses. It’s all about perspective. I love quirky pieces. I like to wear at least one item in my outfits that will stand out. I feel it’s what makes me, me. I’m that one friend who you go shopping with that likes that weird item where the rest of you are like ‘yeah that’s so Aoife’, but I love that. Each to their own. YOU BE YOU BOO!! Screw the rest of them.


COAT: F+F Tesco

BEANIE: Peacocks

SHIRT: Topshop

JEANS: Topshop

BAG: Penneys


SHOES: Penneys






SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions


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