Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel Review

Hi friends,

Haven’t done a full review in a while, I seem to be doing quick short mini ones on Facebook. I also wanted to wait until I fell in love with a product before I gave a full review. And Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel in Matte has my heart.

imageThe tube itself is in the signature Cocoa Brown pink colour, it’s very cute. It is an instant tan, I bought the matte one but it does come in a shimmering tube aswell. For €6.99 you get a 150ml tube.

As a pasty girl, (I’m like a milk bottle) tan is always something I will buy. So it is important to find the right one. I have always been using the 1 hour mouse, which I do like, and is handy for when you have an occasion coming up to prep for. Since getting the gel, I have not touched my 1 hour tan. I am not one of those girls that wear tan everyday, I just couldn’t be arsed, but with this tan I have no problem applying it everyday….and that’s exactly what I have been doing.


This tan to look at is very like the Rimmel Sun Shimmer, as in the gel consistency and how dark they come out, but that’s where the similarities end. Cocoa Brown dries so much faster than Rimmel. It too doesn’t dry sticky, but dries exactly like it says on the tube, matte. The smell is like the 1 hour tan, which is pretty bearable compared to most tans on the market. The smell is just noticeable when you apply it but there is no smell left on you afterwards, phew.

The colour it comes out very even, and natural. Though in saying that you can build the colour to get it darker. I just find the colour of this tan suits me so much and I love it.

I purchased the matte version of this tan, as I personally don’t like shimmery tan. But I do think the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil compliments it nicely. I brush this on up along my shin bone on my leg, and along my collar bone and shoulder. As I find a slight glow on these areas are very flattering. Golden Goddess Oil would be gorgeous with a tan during the summer too with the sun catching it.




Overall, I really recommend this tan. Though it is an instant tan, which isn’t ideal to most as it washes off, you need this. It dries so fast and applies like a dream that the wash off part doesn’t bother me as it is so easy to quickly apply. And hey, if Cocoa Brown is good enough for the queen Khloe Kardashian it’s good enough for me. Let me know if you have tried this tan and what you think about it 🙂








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