Minimalism OOTD #9

Hi there,

Tonights post is one where I tackle the minimalist look. My favourite fashion bloggers are ones that have this look down to a T. Though I love it on others, I wasn’t sure how I would feel in it. I like to wear some pieces that are a bit more ‘out there’ so pairing my look down was a bit of a stretch. In saying that lately I’m finding clothing I’m liking more are rather simple and structured. A change for me.

This outfit was shot in The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms and The Beautyteam Studio both in the Port of Waterford building. If you haven’t been I can’t recommend the place enough. It’s like stepping back in time. Such a great vintage vibe in there. Pop in have a tea, while waiting to get your make up/ hair/ nails done. Honestly, they do everything.


How To Do Minimalism

  • Stick with a neutral palette. Black, white, and grey are perfect. Add bit of colour with mauves and dusty pinks.
  • Mix Textures. Since colour palette is toned down, you can play up your look by mixed contrasting textures.
  • Keep silhouette lines clean. Architectural shaped pieces are the perfect way to achieve this.
  • Create unexpected proportions. For example, wear a extra long tunic top with culottes- Top is longer than normal, culotte pants are shorter leg length. Plays it up a bit.
  • For me, loose fitting pieces achieve the minimalist look perfectly. Make sure though the items you have are a good structure, otherwise it could look more sloppy and slouchy.









JACKET: Penneys


BAG: Coach

SCARF(on bag): My nan’s

Photographer: Viv Geoghegan



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SNAPCHAT: aoifsp


YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions


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