Mom Jeans and Vintage Bomber OOTD #10

Hi friends,

I decided to do a post on this look as it is a lot more casual than the rest of my posts. I also wanted to feature these mom jeans in a post as well as this amazing vintage bomber.

I got these ‘Mom’ jeans in Topshop back when I worked there 2 years ago. I just love them, I cut them myself only recently. This preppy cropped jumper, also from Topshop, I actually rarely wear. When you have so many clothes it’s hard to get round to wearing them all……first world problems aye?! My basic bitch runners the Adidas Superstars were the perfect choice of footwear for this look.

Now, this bomber is the best. I got this in The Vintage Factory Waterford’s kilo sale. Bombers are all the rage, but why not jazz up the current trend with a vintage slogan one. It was originally €35, but I got this and 3 oversized silk shirts all for only €20…delighted with myself. I’ve wanted a vintage bomber for a while, saying that I did want one that was a bit more gaudy and obscene but hey, I got a bargain. You’ll notice the wrinkles in it. I’ve been meaning to go to get it sorted but I can’t bare to part with it, if even for a little while.

2016-03-07 14.14.26

2016-03-07 14.09.292016-03-07 14.09.302016-03-07 14.13.50

2016-03-07 14.08.592016-03-07 14.09.412016-03-07 14.11.14

2016-03-07 14.08.202016-03-07 14.06.32

JEANS: Topshop

JUMPER: Topshop

JACKET: The Vintage Factory Waterford


BEANIE: Lids (New York)

I think you can tell if you’ve been following my outfit posts that my style doesn’t seem to have one set look…well I don’t think it does. It really depends on how I feel. I’d love to know what you guys think of my style, and what category/genre you think I slot into, I would honestly love to know how people interpret my style.



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