Code Beautiful Mascara Review 


I have been given these products. I have not been paid to do this post. All opinions are my own.

Hey guys,

So tonights post is on the highly talked about Code Beautiful Mascara. I have seen these products doing the rounds. I was kindly given these from the lovely folks at Waterford Health Park Pharmacy. Firstly there are two products. The ‘Pre Mascara Lash Plumper’, and the mascara itself.

Lash Primer:

The lash plumper claims to be beneficial for short and thin lashes. As soon as I read this I was excited to try it on bottom lashes in particular. I applied about 2 coats of this prier to using the mascara.


img_4256The packaging says that this lengthens, thickens and volumizes lashes. Aswell as separating and curling them. That it is full of vitamins and encourages lash growth. Aaaaand, is smudge, clump and flask free. Wow. So it lived up to alot of expectations to say the least. I am so picky about mascaras. I literally only have two. So I really was ready to critic this.




  In these pictures I have both the plumper and mascara applied. Again, about 2/3 coats of each. There is no denying the difference of my lashes. It 100% lengthens, volumized and separated my lashes. There wasn’t much of a curl, but I could sacrifice that for the pure length of them. The mascara does need to be whipped off the top of the tube, as there is a little excess. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. I loved it after first use. 


In the above image, I just have the mascara on. I just have one coat on here. I normally apply a good maybe 3 coats, but did just one here for those who wouldn’t apply so many coats as me.

Above I have applied the plumper with a different mascara. To see how well it works with other brands. And I have to say though it worked, I don’t think it worked as well as it does with the Code mascara.


Ok, these things ain’t cheap. The mascara is €29 and the plumper is €26. The most I’ve ever spent on a mascara is probably €15. In reality though, we spend alot of foundations and brushes, why not on our mascara. Especially for those who don’t like to wear falsies, these 2 products give a false lash effect. You can buy them separately, the mascara on its own is fab. Honestly though, I think they are amazing together.

Overall Verdict:

For someone that is really choosy with mascara I absolutely loved this Code Beautiful Plumper and Mascara. The first use and I was wowed! Nothing has made my lashes look so long and full before. I don’t have particularly long lashes so I found this brilliant. If you are someone with short lashes I think you’ll love this. I mean the photo’s (unfiltered or edited) speak for themselves. I tried these first the first time on Snapchat and you were all as excited as I was about it. Recommended for sure. img_4095





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp


YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions

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