Common Blogger Misconceptions 

Hey friends,

So, it seems since I’ve started blogging there’s been a lot of talk about what people think of us. Bloggers get a lot of slack, but that’s for a whole other post. So I’d like to address the few opinions I’ve heard and the reality behind people’s views.

1. All bloggers love themselves 

I think people think this because we put ourselves out there so assume we have a lot of confidence and are a bit fond of ourselves. This is far from it. Sure, I do outfit shoots, I take selfies, I chat on Snapchat, but I do lack confidence. I can be so socially awkward too. I certainly do not love myself haha, Jesus I’m my own biggest critic.

2. Blogging is easy

Hahah, ah I wish. I started blogging while I was out of work, and I still found myself bogged down with the amount I had to get done. Remaining active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the website, making sure posts are relevant, responding to followers messages, trying to think of content for blog posts, doing photos…exhausting.

Being active on all social media might sound like a breeze but trust me, it takes over your life. I’m finding I’m neglecting those I’m sitting infront of because I’m glued to my phone, and not on my personal pages.

Now that I’m working, I still have to do all the above, posting before work, getting home and finding time to write and do Snapchat. There are so many great bloggers out there so making sure your relevant and stand out, lads it’s f***ing hard!!

Besides all that, using platforms for our blogs are so important. And now, the likes of Facebook are being a serious pain. Our posts are not reaching the number of likes we have. Can you imagine the frustration of that? Facebook wants you to pay for your posts to be viewed. Nothing wrong with it, I’ve done it a few times, when you see a post as being ‘Sponsored’ you know it’s been paid for to come up on your timeline. It does not buy you likes, or status likes. Just for your post to be seen is all, then it’s up to them if they want to go onto your page and like etc. It’s just so hard because you put time and effort into what you’re writing but then it doesn’t get seen because of this. It’s so off putting. Basically the more people like it, the more it gets seen. (So for the love of all that’s good please like my posts haha). 

Blogging is not easy!!

3. We lick each other’s arses 

This one made me laugh. It was actually a friend of mine who said this. This thought never even crossed my mind. She was referring to the fact that we always give shout outs and tag each other. So apparently that’s been coming across to some as sucking up to fellow bloggers.

Honestly, it’s actually pure blogger appreciation. I wouldn’t be bothered licking up to someone. If I shout out or tag someone it’s literally because I’m loving what their doing. I don’t do it for a shout out back, or for them to notice me etc. Sure I’ve shouted out to big name bloggers, never having tagged them or sent it to them. I do it because I love them and want others to check them out too. Simples.

4. We get tonnes of free stuff 

Right, some bloggers, by the looks of it, do recieve a lot of freebies. That’s great, good luck to them. This is not the case for most of us. You get noticed through your social media. Companies may send you items if they feel you suit their brand or if you endorse their stock a lot anyway. Only maybe 2 weeks ago I recieved a few products from my local pharmacy. I could not believe my luck. I certainly don’t seek out for the free stuff, but I was hugely grateful. 

Other than that, bloggers join PR companies to recieve new products and event invites. I only recently joined one, and got my first product this week. 

I’ll also only accept gifts of items I would actually use and believe in. 

If you thought the highlighted views, I hope this post changed your opinions. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion just felt some things people aren’t clear about so assume certain things. Just wanted to clear it up 🙂 

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11 thoughts on “Common Blogger Misconceptions 

  1. I regularly hesitate to publish a post or promote via social media because I’m afraid of what people I know will think i.e. Jaysus, she’s fierce full of herself. But like you say Aoife, couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s hard but it’s about sharing thoughts and opinions for me.


    1. Yeah it’s totally something you just have to get over. There’s noway any of my posts would be seen/read at all without Facebook and partially Instagram. People are going to make up their own mind about you anyway, with or without promoting on social media. You’re right though, it’s the fear of what people you know will think. But as RuPaul says ‘ what others think of you is none of your business’ 😂


  2. Because, apparently, being polite and appreciative of others work means that „we lick each other’s arses“.
    I get really upset when most of people confuse (or choose to do so) the politeness with something completely wrong and twist it in something that sounds bad.
    I guess is up to us, the polite people, to spread the word and teach them that being polite is not a bad thing and shouldn’t be trivialized.

    Regards, Antidote 🙂


  3. Great blog post. Mine isn’t a beauty blog (thankfully) because I’d never be able to take selfies, way too many wrinkles!
    People also think I’m really confident because of the blog. It’s the total opposite, hence why I’m usually hidden behind the camera or laptop!


  4. SO much this. Like what’s wrong with being supportive of each other? Also, it IS hard work. You have to put a lot of thought into things to be relevant and interesting and original, especially when you have a full-time job to do every day 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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