Absolutely Clueless OOTD #12

Hey guys,

So it wasn’t until I was dressed to do this shoot I realised how very ‘Clueless‘ inspired my outfit was. Very Clueless/ Freelance Artist/ Samuel L.Jackson (according to Johnny). I knew I wanted to wear the high waisted jeans and oversized shirt, the rest of the outfit just fell into place then, this is the usual way my outfit works.

Like my last OOTD Post Navy and Black is Back OOTD #11, I am again wearing an oversized shirt from The Vintage Factory. No, I am not paid or sponsored by the store, I just love it. Shirts are one of my favourite things to buy vintage as they are so versatile. I know alot of people want to buy vintage but don’t know how to get the best pieces. So below is a little bit of advice.

Tips on buying vintage:

  1. Don’t let size bother you. All my shirts are huge, like a men’s L/XL.
  2. Don’t look at items as they are, think about how you could style and customize them. Like my shirts, they’re huge. But they can be tucked into jeans or skirts, layered over tshirts or polo jumpers, or buttoned up all they way up and with leggings.
  3. Do buy Levi/ Wrangler jeans and shorts. I’m still on the hunt for these. The shorts can be worn as they are or with tights and boots. Mom style jeans are huge now, what could be better than mom jeans from the era they were originally from?
  4. Don’t be a label lover. Ok, I love a good designer (not that I can afford it), and I would love nothing more than a vintage piece from one of my favourite high end designers. But don’t buy a designer item just because of the name. If you love it, course definitely buy it. Just don’t buy it if you’re not mad about it and only getting it so you can boast about your vintage designer bag/coat.
  5. Do buy denim jackets. There is just something about vintage denim. Oversized denim jackets are the best! The ones you can buy on the high street are designed to look vintage. Though honestly I don’t think any look as good as a genuine vintage one. Get on it.





SHIRT/ BERET: The Vintage Factory

JACKET: River Island

BAG: Tesco



SNAPCHAT: aoifsp




YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions

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