Communion/Confirmation Outfit Ideas 

Hey guys,

So it’s Communion and Confirmation season once again. I, myself, have my niece’s Confirmation so I’m on the lookout for an outfit. Only last night I realised the big day is only next week, ahh pressure. It can be really hard to dress for these occasions, so hopefully at the least this post will give you some inspiration. I just chose 3 stores that are here in Waterford, items I have seen in town, also ones that can be ordered.



The struggle to narrow down what I’ve seen on River Island’s website was so hard! What inspired me to look on their website was that I had been in there yesterday and seen so many gorgeous pieces that caught my eye. My favourite has to be that cream co-ord, I mean it’s so beautiful and classy, kimono style tops are really on trend. Aswell as the culotte jumpsuits which are my favourite. I have my eye on these for my niece’s Confirmation for sure. I think no matter what I wear it’ll end up being a culotte kind of day. River Island will be great for your key piece i.e the dress/jumpsuit.



The best things you can get from Penneys right now are blazers and coats for the day. Their formal wear is great at the minute, there is so much choice, and you can get most items in a lot of colours. Wide leg trousers would be a nice look for the day, with a blouse or cami, and if that’s the look you’re going for, Penneys is the place for you. So much in that range, and let’s face it, you spend enough on the day that an outfit on a budget is what we need. There is a much wider range than what I’ve shown so be sure head in and check out what is to offer. Already there is probably more new stock in there.



Oasis have the botanical print down!! Seriously. Look at the print on the items above I am so in love. Floral is such a safe choice, especially dark florals, even with it being Spring. Some of us can shy away from brighter florals but dark is still a great choice, something that can be worn in Winter too. Again, Oasis is the place to go for key pieces i.e your dresses and skirts. They have a lot of choice in dresses mainly, all with a great statement print, if that’s to your taste I totally recommend them for you. The price is fairly reasonable to for the quality you’re getting.

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your choice of outfit. I threw in different key product types so that you know it’s possible to mix and match. Right now there is great choice on offer for these occasions so NOW is the time to buy. For those interested I picked up the blue and yellow culotte jumpsuit from River Island (first culotte jumpsuit pictured in that section). It’s gorgeous on, though a little booby, but you can adjust the strap. Phew, family might not approve of that, or my niece. But who knows what I’ll end up wearing knowing me. You’d swear it was my day the pressure I feel to dress well 😉





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YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions


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