Caped Crusader OOTD #14

Hey guys,

So this week’s outfit post is a bit different, in more ways than one. Yes I am still wearing my staple black skinnies and fedora…sick of them yet? Though this time, I went a little bit more glam, well glamish, I’m in heels…that’s as glam as you’ll get.

The feature item of this look is that cape. Gorgeous. This, like pretty much everything I’m wearing, is from good aul Penneys/Primark. Even working there I only see things from when I’m serving at the tills. That’s how I realised this was in. It comes in black also but I went with white as I knew I’d only end up wearing black with it. The white will be great for the Summer. I love how classy this cape is, comfortable to wear and great quality.

You might also notice the quality of photos. Poor Johnny got the boot and made way for Dave of  David Murphy Studio. I just love how these photos turned out. They are exactly the look I was going for and the direction of the outfit posts I wanted, so I’m so happy with them. It was a lot of fun working with Dave and will hopefully see a lot more of these quality shots in the future.

DSC_3288 copyDSC_3294 copyDSC_3298 copy

DSC_3310 copyDSC_3308 copyDSC_3322copyDSC_3332 copyDSC_3351copyDSC_3356 copyDSC_3373 copyDSC_3393copy (1)DSC_3398copy

DSC_3402copyDSC_3413 copyDSC_3423copyDSC_3424 copyDSC_3439 copyDSC_3443copyDSC_3459 copy

Cape/ top/ hat/ belt/ necklace/ heels: Penneys

Jeans: Topshop

Photography by:  David Murphy





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp


YOUTUBE: Leather Confessions


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