50 Shades of Navy OOTD #15

Hey friends,

A suit has been on my wishlist forever. I just think they are so versatile. Sadly I have yet to find the perfect one. So I tried to create my own. I went for these high waisted culottes, if you know me by now you’ll know culottes are my absolute favourite at the minute. To team with them I borrowed my mam’s blazer. (By borrowed I mean, stole from her wardrobe without asking, and smiled politely when she noticed it on me)

It’s killing me that they aren’t the same shade of navy. I was going to dance around that fact, hoping it wasn’t all that obvious. Until I said feck it, who cares. Think the title is obvious enough?

I kept it pretty simple then with a white crop top and Adidas SuperStars, to make it more casual. Likewise you could dress this up with heels, easy.

Blazer/ Crop Top/ Clutch/ Shades: Penneys

Culottes: Zara

SuperStars: JD Sports

Necklace: My Shining Armour

Photography by David Murphy






SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

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