You Make Me Blush 

Hey there,

Blush colour tones are my favourite at the minute. I have never been a pink girl, that just ain’t me. But the blush palette is everything, and everywhere. From clothing, to accessories, footwear, interior…it has really made a big impact.

Not a colour that would suit Irish skin normally. If it’s something you want to try to pull off be careful of what shade of blush you get, if you’re super pale try a darker tone, not to wash you out with your complexion. Likewise, you could try blush in your footwear, blush colour trainers are seriously gorgeous.

So this post is very visual based. Just a blush colour inspirational post. Along with that, I decided to include some blush pieces I’ve come across on Boohoo.  Why Boohoo? Well to be honest, I’ve just been browsing on it a lot lately and you can’t beat the price. Not sponsored at all just a favourite online store of mine. (Tap the photo to go to link)

Boohoo Blush Goodness 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Just something I’ve been loving lately and wanted to share 🙂






SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

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