Big Ass Penneys Haul 



Hello all,

So here is the haul I’ve finally got around to doing. I wanted to try and stop buying before I wrote this, so….eh, took a few weeks to do so. That is not in anyway saying my spending will stop, because I literally have no willpower.

Worrying thing about doing these posts is that I forgot half of the stuff I bought until I saw the images. Sign of a shopaholic. So yes, these items have been collected over the last few weeks but most of them are still currently in stock.


All the above are the beauty bits I’ve got. The ‘face glitter’ is a lot more impressive than I expected. Using it for eye makeup. Totally wouldn’t use the glue that comes with it though. I’m delighted with the brush cleaning egg, only €1.50!! Check out my thoughts on the Essence Eye Primer here. The Tapered Foundation brush is new to the store. I didn’t think it would be great as its super soft and dense but I was surprised with how well it applied my foundation.



I’m loving the accessories at the minute. The badges are super kitsch, new ones have come in since, in a military style. The chokers are a favourite of mine, plain leather and western style wrap one. How cute is the holographic purse? I use it for when I’m going out, with my just as cute clutch of course. Also, the leopard print belt is reversible to a brown textured side.


Obsessed with the blue and orange pom pom heels!! Very lucky as we don’t actually have them in the Waterford store, they were a return, and in my size…hard to say no. Limited edition too. I’m so happy with the pastel pink trainers too. They are very Public Desire inspired and really on trend. I have a feeling I’ll be living in them.

Underwear/ PJs 

The ‘Friends‘ briefs are too cute. They are currently reduced to €3.  I work in the underwear section so get to see all the goodies. The 3 briefs were all reduced also from 50c and €1. The bra is only €3.50. There are tonnes of these style tshirt bras available. Really recommend you all have a browse you’d be surprised what you’d find. There are so many styles of these PJ shorts and for only €3. I love the colour and paisley print on these. Be warned though, they are super short.


I’m actually surprised how little in clothes I’ve bought. I seem to live in the Guns ‘n’ Roses tshirt, can be styled in so many ways. Just like the mom jeans, essential for the summer. If you’re looking for them they are called the ‘Retro Fit’ ones. The leather jacket is actually from the kids section and was reduced to €7, winner!

Hope you liked this haul. I normally do these over Snapchat (aoifsp) but who doesn’t love a nosy in a haul post 😉





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp


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