TanTastic Self Tan Review 

Hello folks,

So, I was on the look out for a new tan. I had been using the same one for a hell of a long time. Anybody else do that? Stick to the one tan afraid to try a new one. Well I liked this one just don’t like how it fades. I’d seen various bloggers I follow had tried TanTastic and loved it, and so I set my sights on it. 


I got mine from Sam McCauleys for around €18, honestly that was more than what I wanted to spend but sure look, I had to stop being stingy at some stage. In fairness, for that price you get 150ml as well as a tanning mitt which is possibly the best idea. Which means you get a new mitt every time you buy the tan, genius. I picked up the liquid version in the shade Medium. I had never tried a liquid tan before, only ever gel or mouse so I was excited to give it a go.

When I first applied it I initially thought the colour was slightly yellow toned and not as dark as I’d like. Jaundice was not the look I was going for. Then as it developed the colour was perfect. Really natural yet buildable. It was so easy to apply and came out real even. Dries super fast too and didn’t dry out my skin. I instantly loved it. Just be careful with the usual areas (elbows, hands, knees) making sure to moisturise there. I normally moisturise all over but found with the liquid it wasn’t necessary, just focus on the key areas.  

My favourite thing about the tan is that even after showering you’re left with a colour. It just wears off so nicely. Not patchy or drying at all. Which is great as you don’t have to apply again after showering.

Also there’s hardly any scent off it. In saying that though, if you put it on before bed and go to work the next morning without showering, you will get told you smell of mild curry. Word of warning. No but really though such a faint smell, but only if you’re lazy like myself.

img_6572                                                                                             I was also kindly gifted the Lotion version of the tan which I really like too. It’s actually a lot thicker than I expected it to be, but blends out really well so not to worry. I do prefer the liquid one personally. I feel like the liquid soaks into the skin as opposed to just sitting as a layer on top. Though I think I will use the lotion for little top ups.

If you can’t tell already I love this tan. I honestly wouldn’t recommend something if I had any doubts about it. This post is not sponsored, nor am I being paid for this. I’m just really happy with its results 🙂





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

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