Which Festival Hun Are You?

Hello one hello all,
Right let’s get one thing straight. This post isn’t going to be giving you any advice on how to survive a festival, or how to pack for one. No, you won’t get any genuine useful advice here. Last year I went to my first camping festival, so I’m no festival maven. I have got Longitude coming up in the next few weeks and I am too excited. Now, I’m just going for the day, and staying in a hotel…yep that’s how I like to do things, I like my comfort. I honestly think I’m more excited about dressing for this day than I am about the day itself, don’t you dare judge me.

With that, I’ve been thinking about my outfit, make up and hair, you know, festival necessities. Let’s face it, it is fun to dress up for these things, may aswell go all out and be the absolute festival hun. That is unless you’re going to DayTripper….

To me, there are 2 types of festival huns:

1. Boho gypsy princess : 

Think crochet, lace, all white gal. Loves nothing more than flower crowns and metallic tattoos. Living that good 70’s trend dream, suede and tassel galore.Any Tom Dick and Harry can achieve this look, it’s easy to do and to be honest, it is very cute. Typically girlier girls will go for this style of Festival Hun.

Exhibit A B and C and D


2. Vintage Rocker Raver Baby.

This can be further broken down into 2 sub- categories, both of which can be blended into one hun.

A. The Raver

The girl who’s mad for the tye dye and bum bags. May be seen sporting double buns in her hair, or possibly a bucket hat. She is fond of a bit of metallic and/or holographic accessories. This look is very 90’s, which as you know is soooo hot right now you guuuuys. Bit of ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’. Some sports brand apparel is key, if it’s vintage even better. Which ties nicely into the next sub category.

Exhibit A B C and D


B. Vintage Indie Vibes.

This girl oozes grunge vibes. Harley Davidson Tees, camo jacket, Levi shorts…(feel like I’m describing myself actually). Can be seen wearing an 80’s oversized varsity jacket and/or shell jacket. Will never been seen without her Doc Martens or Vans. Vintage garments are also a must with this hun.

See A B and C and D


Whichever hun you choose to be accessories are absolute key in helping you achieve your status as the Ultimate Hun. You could go in a black sack, how alt, but have your key accessories and festival makeup and nobody would bat an eyelid. I’m seeing dark lips, buckets of glitter, layers of lashes, ooh and some henna yaassss. Here is some inspo to help you through this task.


Now, I’m excited to choose which hun I want to be for my one day festival,  I know…I’m wild. But what I want to know is which festival hun would you be?





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