Homeware Haul 

Hey buds,

Long time no chat, apologies. As I’ve explained on my Snapchat (aoifsp) I have been quite busy since moving out. You would be surprised how fast the day goes from living out and constantly kept going, as well as just spending some time with himself just enjoying life living together.

Going homeware shopping was one thing I was really excited about. More excited about living with my boyfriend or homeware shopping…honestly could be an even scale. It was so hard to decide what colour scheme and what not, I wanted the house to be. It is so easy to over do it on the shopping but Johnny had to talk me back down to earth, I just wanted to keep buying but yet didn’t want a cluttered home. In saying that we have like 15 candles in the one room…insane.  I will categorise items by stores to make it easier to go through. I won’t show boring items like towels and cutlery etc, unless they’re cute of course.


Looking back over these photos I felt like I bought more, I spent a lot anyway that’s for sure. Though in saying that we did get a duvet and mattress cover and all the basic necessities. Penneys have really outdone themselves in the homeware section. I wanted everything. I love all the themes Penneys have in store at the moment. I decided to go for pale/mint blues, with accents of gold and a touch of blush pink. Golds were quite hard to get a hold of as rose gold is still all the rage. I am obsessed with the velvet blush pink cushion, it’s probably my favourite item in the entire haul. Penneys is definitely the first place to go when moving out. They have a great selection of cushions and throws at the minute I need it all.

EZ Living

I always forget about EZ Living so would never have thought to go out there other than that we needed to buy a tall lamp. While we were out there homeware accessories were 50% off, delighted. How cool is our lamp though, totally fits with the colour scheme too. it was originally €160 but with the discount only came to €80, bargain. I also had to pick up these little candle holders. I love this geometric one, sadly it’s rose gold, but we’ll ignore that. That was reduced to €5, nowhere else in town had ones like this at that price. (the blue candle is from Dunnes Stores) The small candle holder was reduced to €2. EZ Living had loads of frames and candle holders. Also if you are into fake flowers they had a lovely selection of ones I haven’t seen anywhere else.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is by far the place to go to get bits you can guarantee nobody else will have. Sometimes you’d be sick of shopping in Penneys and having the same thing as half the town…well that’s how I feel a lot anyway. They have such great quirky pieces at very reasonable prices. Ok, granted what we bought are for Halloween, they will always remain on display because they are pretty cool. I’ll be honest, it was Johnny that wanted the gold skull, I was rather apprehensive, but I’ve learned to love it. Now, I did buy velvet hangers from Penneys also, but noticed I got a better deal for them in TKMaxx.

Michael Guineys


Can we talk about how cute these glasses are. Totally not something I needed but couldn’t leave them either. I think they were only €2.50 each. I wouldn’t think to shop here but Guineys had tonnes of glassware for super cheap, that is one thing I will say. I actually noticed the cheaper stores like Guineys and Euro Shop had a great selection of glassware, like unique cocktail glasses and cups. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re sorted.


I got these clear storage boxes for our bathroom cabinet. Seemed handy to use to pull out to take out items. Can we take a minute to admire my cute cacti? I was on the look out for a cactus for a while and tried all the usual garden centres and stores to no luck. Low and behold good aul Dealz had my back. They had a great selection. The smaller one was only €1.50 while the slightly larger potted one was €4, so good. Even better that the colour fitted right into our living room. I keep the small one on the bathroom. I love Dealz you can’t go past it for the house essentials like cleaning equipment.

This haul sadly seems pretty small a lot were also basics and we got loads of lovely homeware as gifts, but only showed what we bought. I am also still in the process of  buying too but wanted to get this little haul out before some of the items might not be available. Be sure to keep an eye on my Snapchat for more inevitable purchases.





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

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