Leather Confessions Comes To An End? 

Hey there,

So yesterday this little aul blog turned 1, I know sure it’s only a baby. I honestly don’t know where that year went. When I started I didn’t know how long I’d be doing it for, if I’d even make it to this point.

I love having this outlet to properly express myself and my style. I still enjoy creating content. I say a silent ‘thank you‘ when I see the number of views on the site go up (true story). When I started I used to get hung up on numbers, comparing the number of followers and likes on social media to others, it could easily turn you off continuing. As time went on I learned not to bother over analysing it, why? Though my numbers may be lower than others I much prefer my content and aesthetics(Bare with me I’m going to contradict myself soon). I’m being 100% myself, no bullshit or falseness and I think people appreciate that. I’m so lucky I haven’t been given any shit from people like I know other bloggers get.

Getting to style a fashion show for the Beloved Focus Ireland store that opened in Waterford has been my biggest achievement that I would not have go to do without this blog. I totally had imposter syndrome, thinking I didn’t deserve to be doing it but it turned out amazing. Reasons like that make me want to continue what I’m doing.

However I will say, I put a huge amount of effort into my posts and when I see that a post hasn’t got a huge amount of views I am disappointed. It does make me think why do I bother. Sure, I could say I’m happy if one person read it, and don’t get me wrong I feel hugely grateful to anyone who takes the time to hit a link and read my posts. In saying that I’m proud of what I write so feel it deserves to be read and acknowledged. My views are great, I just wish maybe a little better. Writing these posts take a lot of time and effort, and I write some good shit guys, we don’t do basic here. So in times of low views I do struggle. Though I suppose when I see a blogger I like has a new post up I don’t ever really read them…… Even as I write this I’m questioning whether or not to continue blogging, or should I focus on building Instagram. Which is why I encourage feedback from anything I do so I have some validation in what I’m doing.

With that, a huge thank you to those that read my posts and follow me on social media I am so appreciative. Honestly every like and follow I am delighted to have, they don’t go unnoticed. I’m just your normal, slightly quirky, gal from Waterford, to think people actually like hearing my opinion about products/outfits and trust my views is just amazing, I love it. So for the time being Leather Confessions lives on, for another while at least….. unless you all turn around now and tell me I’m absolutely shite…maybe then I’ll consider throwing in the towel, speak now or forever hold your peace.





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