Primark Haul 

Hello friends,

It’s that time of year where everyone is up to their eyes in stress about getting Christmas presents. What will I get? Will they like it? What size are they? For me, it’s only fair to treat yo self while you’re at it. I mean, working in the biggest retail store during the Christmas period is reason enough and whilst I try buy presents it’s really only fair I pick up some bits for myself. I think this haul is only small so I didn’t over do it…I’ll wait until sales for that.


These two bra’s I’ve had my eye on for a while. The mauve and white balcony style are part of a set of 2 for only €11, such a flattering shape. This grey/navy push up was just €5 and got for going out tops, to make it look like I have something there…you feel me.

Ah, this faux sheepskin gilet is probably my favourite item. I had been keeping an eye on this hoping it would get reduced, admit it we all do it. Luckily it was reduced to only €10/€15 so I was not leaving it there. I’ve been living in it since. Makes an outfit look a bit more stylish with the mix of textures.


I love hair accessories so when I spotted this velvet twisted headband I had to have it. Sadly it looks ridiculous on the way the material is at the elasticated part. Not cool. This scarf is the softest ever, and the colour goes with everything. Unfortunately more disappointment ensued. The fluff from it literally goes everywhere. No seriously, everywhere. I couldn’t see for a day as I had fluff stuck in my eye..don’t laugh. I can see now why it is reduced to €3…..

I love these little fishnet socks. I wanted them for brogues and heels, they add a little quirk to an outfit. Wooly leopard print mini was instantly mine as soon as I saw it. Great for going out or casual with tights and boots. This bottle green plain top I really just got to go under jumpers as all I have are t-shirts, and it is way too cold for that carry on. The colour is great on too, if I do say so myself.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the above items. These embroidered mom jeans are the best. I love the shape. I normally live in black skinnies so this shape and small side detail are a nice alternative. This croc skin backpack is the perfect size. Probably the nicest one I’ve seen anywhere in a while. Hasn’t come off my back since I got it.

Ah the notorious embroidered shirt. I’m sure you have seen this everywhere! I got the other half to get it for me to have for Christmas. Then as time went on it became so worn by everyone. I had to wear it yesterday because I knew I wasn’t going to get a wear out of it after that.

This is my second pair of these slippers. I love the memory foam, but annoyingly you get about a week out of them before they go flat. These makeup brush travel tubs were reduced to €2, needed another to hold the rest of my brushes.

Goodbye stiletto and square nails, the oval is back! Can’t have enough of these, the shape is my new favourite and much more practical. Rings are always needed, love that these are a mix of gold and silver. Hot chocolate spoon….just cos.

These SOSU lashes exclusive to Penneys are exactly like the luxury €20 ones from her range. Honestly haven’t tried these yet because the band are so thick I do honestly find them hard to apply. Don’t ask me why I even got them so. The PS individual ones are where it’s at lately for me. They are quick to apply and love being able to customise a look.

It’s known at this stage that Penneys lip liners are essential so I grabbed another red one. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that the Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Karla are my ride or die. I couldn’t tell you how many I have. I like to stock up just incase.

Phew, we finally got there. Let me know what’s your favourite item or if you picked up any of the same bits.





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