2016: A Year In Review- OOTD 

Hey folks,

Here we are, New Years Eve Eve already, fastest year or what? Anywhere I am ringing in the new year I always reflect on the year past. The song ‘Aul Lang Syne‘ song genuinely makes me overwhelmed and teary…so pathetic I know. I do think it is good to think back over the year and compare where you are now in life.

Ringing in the new year last year I felt like I had nothing to be excited for. At the time I was out of work which made me feel really shit about myself to be honest. I didn’t have a clue what 2016 held for me, and I wasn’t optimistic about it either. I am quite the ‘glass half empty’ person though too, or as I like to say I’m a realist. Thankfully I had this blog to work away at to keep me busy and focused. Then not long after I got a job so I was thrilled.

Going away to Rome was for sure a high for me. Though sadly not enough travelling was done. My highest point this year, though it was towards the end of the year, was moving out. This was a long time coming let me tell you. Being together nearly 7 years now it was well time to move in together so when the right place finally came we were ecstatic. We still are. I absolutely love living with himself. It’s made us both 100 times more independant and the relationship so much stronger. Though my year may have started off pretty sad I can sure say it’s ending on a high and I’ll be ringing in the New Year with the best people.

As for 2017, all this ‘New Year new me’ stuff…it’s bullshit really isn’t it? I’m not making any resolutions this year. They only last until about February anyway. Sure I could say yeah I’ll be more active, stop eating crap etc, but realistically I’m still going to do it. I would love to say ‘Oh I’ve big things coming for the new year’ but really I’ve no idea what the year will entail, and sure isn’t that all part of the excitement?  New year new me? Nahhhh I’m still going to be fabulous dahling.

Whatever you do New Years enjoy it. Also a huge thank you for all your support the past year it means so much and I hope to have your continued support for 2017.






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