Style Struggles: OOTD

Hey friends,

This post comes to you while I find myself struggling with my style I suppose you could say. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of my style and what I’m into but I was finding it has been missing something lately.

Like the rest of the country I shop in Penneys. I love Penneys I don’t think I have to prove that to you. I love that you can get on trend pieces for great prices, and honestly it’s all I can really afford anyway. I do like to keep upto date with trends. As much as I follow them my style is completely my own. I guess it’s just how I put pieces together that make me me. I do like to stand out a bit, I have my basics but I certainly don’t do basic dahhhling. The last few months I have been a bit sick of shopping here, and the likes of similar high street shops. I guess you could say I felt I was losing my sense of identity slightly.

As much as I like trends, vintage will always excite me. The thing with vintage pieces is you can guarantee nobody else will have what you’re wearing. One off pieces that are yours and yours only. How many times have you bought something you loved from a high street store and passed several people wearing the same thing?  I love that you’re wearing something from a different era. There’s a story behind it. Who was the previous owner? Where were they when they wore it? I love it. My favourite things to buy vintage is oversized 80s/90s shirts. The tackier the better.  

Charity shopping I find great fun. Rummaging in them gives me such a buzz. Honestly they have everything! I’ve come across some serious deals you wouldn’t believe. Great for the likes of homeware but also clothes. The amount of jackets I’ve seen and fallen in love with. Trust me, it’s not as grubby as you probably think. And hey, most of the time it works out cheaper too, even better. The likes of St Vincent’s and Oxfam etc just don’t just put out any old shit to sell.

I feel that winning the chance to be promotor for Nine Crows  was exactly what I needed. So with that I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to shop more vintage and in charity shops. I totally get that it’s just not some people’s thing. That’s cool. You do you boo! I’m going to try not to buy so much from high street. Now don’t get me wrong if I spot something I like in one I’m not going to not buy it out of principle. I’m not going to be snobby about it.

I feel I have to explain that like, if Zara was in Waterford I’d be the first one in the door. Also I have my eye on a Gucci belt and Prada bag that I’m 100% going to get someday. Look, I’m only human. I do like my luxury.  I just want to bring it back to what I love which is vintage, and not get lost so much in every trend ever, you know?  I just want to add more vintage to my wardrobe, which I feel is exactly what it needs. Simples. This OOTD I feel represents everything from vintage to designer to high street. Mix that shit up!!

 Hat/Jacket/Jeans: Penneys ||Shirt: Nine Crows ||Boots: ASOS(New Look) ||Bag: Coach || Belt: H&M





SNAPCHAT: aoifsp

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