Maëlle Beauty Review 

Hi folks,

I was kind enough to receive some products from a brand called Maëlle. Before I was contacted by the company I had never of heard of them before, so I did my research. Maëlle is a cruelty free cosmetics and skincare company. They are available in US, UK, Canada and launched here in Ireland on 4th January. They have their core capsule collection and release new products each month. When it comes to packaging, the sleek silver with pink font caught my attention right away, very Instagram worthy.



One of the products I was given was the Above and Beyond Mascara (RP €25). Mascara is something I’m quite picky about. I love full volume lashes. Though this mascara is nice, it’s not as voluminous as I’d like. I always layer on my mascara. I find that most mascaras always clump as a lot of product comes out but I do like that it doesn’t clump and it has the fat spooly I like. I think maybe because I received it in the brown shade that it didn’t give the drama I’d have liked. It’s fine for everyday but maybe not worth the €25 in my opinion.



I was also gifted their Secret Illuminator(RP €25).  I’ll be honest when I first used this I wasn’t impressed with the consistency, I found it quite watery and thin. As I kept using it I completely changed my mind. I saw it more of an illuminator than a concealer. I used it around my eyes to brighten up and remove dark lines, but also used it where I would highlight, so on my forehead and chin also. I really love this product. It gave my confidence to not wear foundation, but just this and some bronzer. It just gives a lovely glow to the skin so I never bothered powdering over it. I haven’t come across a product like this before. Though the change may be slight it makes a huge difference.  I’ve used this so much that I’ve already ran out and I’m devastated. In the photo below my left eye (from looking at picture) has product and right eye has none. 


In my opinion Maëlle would be a higher price for what I would normally pay for makeup. A luxury brand if you will. To you, it could be your price range. Maybe I’m just cheap….yeah, I’ll admit I can be quite stingy when it comes to forking out money on cosmetics. I won’t rule out the range yet, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad. img_0629-10


                           SNAPCHAT: aoifsp 

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