Throwback Beauty 

Hey friends,

So if you’re like me you own a lot of makeup. We constantly buy the newest products, but what happens to our older ones? Well we just leave them gather dust while we use our shiny newer ones.

Recently I’ve started to go back to my older makeup and reminding myself why I loved them in the first place. Most of these items I’m sure most of you have already, and they’re the ones I’ve been grabbing for a lot lately. So I’m here to remind you of why you loved them to begin with.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

Hands up who else owns this. It’s like a cult classic. This was my first eyeshadow palette, how cute. Every girl is likely to own this palette which made way for the other great Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I owned this palette for way much longer than anyone should own any makeup.


These shades are too shimmery for me, they were fine for me when I was like 16 when it first came out. Now I find myself going for the first 2 shades (Virgin and Sin) and using them both together as a highlight. They give the perfect pinky tone highlight. Great for everyday.

As well as this, I’ve been using the shade Half Baked which is a great solid gold/bronze colour. I use when I’m doing a full glam gold and pink or brown eye. It’s so so pigmented. Mixing it with Inglot’s Duraline gives to a great metallic finish. I feel it’s definitely an underrated shade because we’ve totally forgotten about this palette haven’t we?


Sleek Face Form Palette in Light

This was my absolute favourite when I first got it, I’m so glad I started to use it again. It was one of the firsts, that I remember, of a contour and highlight palette. Since reusing I keep in my handbag as it’s just so handy.


I’m obsessing over the highlight in this palette. I’ve been much preferring a pearly highlight of late. My skin is so pale that I think pearl highlight suits me much more than a golden one, which works for tan. The highlight is so fab to just give a perfect soft everyday highlight.


I too am using the blush a lot. It has a bit of highlight shimmer in it also, but it’s not too much. You really don’t need a lot of this blush as it’s so pigmented. This palette is a killer.

Catrice Eye Colour in My Mermint 910

I LOVE this eyeshadow. I surely can’t be the only one who owns this. It’s the perfect shade of mint blue so soft and gorgeous. What I love using this for is as a pop of colour in the inner corner of the eye.


Sometimes I’ll use it with wearing just mascara or a full eye look. Either way it works every time, no matter what colour eye I’m wearing. Anytime I wear this I always get complimented. I’m obsessed.

Flormar Terracotta Powder in Marble Beige Gold

THIS!! I have literally been using this everyday. This product could literally be used as a blush, a highlight and a bronzer, multi use products yes please. My daily routine is using this as a bronzer. Other days I might use as a bronzer and blush. It a gorgeous powder with hints of pink gold and tan, and a touch of highlight.


I love this because no matter if it’s an everyday look, with my fair skin, or a tan full glam look, this product suits all. I definitely want to try out all the other shades available.


I hope this post makes you look through all your make up and look to what you haven’t used in a while. I know I’ll for sure not buy as much make up and just start reusing what I already have.






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