Collective Haul 

Hey friends,

I have been so good for a while with shopping that I decided to let myself have a little splurge. Downside to this is that now I’m finding it hard to rein it in.

When I do shop I always start with the intention of buying more dressy casual clothes, or as I like to call ‘pub clothes’, as i feel like all I own are casual bits. See for yourself if I managed to achieve this…..



Zara sale had just started so I got the 2 striped tops and the little leather mini, which I love, and each item was under €10. The 2 little tshirts are so me. The mustard one first got me with the colour, gingers love some mustard. Obviously I have a thing for the 80’s…born in the wrong era clearly. Then I really wanted an oversized jumper, and the mix print on this white one sold me. Probably one of the only white clothing I own too.


I was so lucky to find these gems in TVF’s sale room for €5 each. The candy stripe puff sleeve shirt is the absolute cutest. If I could wear this everyday I probably would. The black double layer tie top isn’t something I’d initially go for but I could see it with a bit of bralette on show, yano yourself hun.


ALL HAIL THE CHARITY SHOPS! If you’ve been following me for a while you will be sick to death of me banging on about my affinity for charity shops, but this find proves my point. So, I had been on the search for an oversized denim jacket for Summer. Whilst I was browsing one day in a charity shop I spotted this Levi’s one in the men’s section. **SIDE NOTE: I always go straight first to the men’s clothing, find little choice in womens, for my style at least** Needless to say for €12.50 I was delighted with life. I live in this jacket now. Also I wanted to read Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ for an age, and the charity shop came to my rescue again, hurrah!



I like to wear my  foundation darker than my actual shade, because I hate how pale I am. I’ve already used this and really liked it, just the shade I had was even paler than I am. While I was getting it I may or may not have Googled Angela Scanlon’s shade. Unlike Angela though, I have not come to terms with my pale complexion so I went a shade darker than hers in 1D Golden Ivory.



I am shit at skincare. Basically I haven’t a clue about anything, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on it and I just know what I hear is good and this was one of them. Rosehip oil I’m always hearing about everywhere, what it does for you…..I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you though, is that this feels so nice on the skin and dries in no time. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and won’t say I noticed a visible difference yet, but it has given my skin a better texture. for €10 I think it’s well worth the few bob.


H&M are killing it lately. I’m normally not a huge fan of theirs but this season I love everything. I know it doesn’t look that way from the small few bits I got…I was broke sadly. I went with pieces I knew I was going to always wear. The chains were so cheap and really cute, just something you can never have enough of, and silver jewellery is all I’ll wear. These wide leg trousers are the most comfiest and flattery pair I own. I love the black white and red colour combination. They were only €22. I now am on the hunt for more like it. I can honestly say that I think wide leg trousers are going to be my new ‘thing‘.


Alot of this is really beauty. I noticed some new products that I wanted to try, like the lilac mascara. Totally random, maybe tacky to some but I like to wear it on the bottom lashes. It’s actually a really lovely colour. Also the trio eyebrow pencil, with shadow and spoolie. Very Anastasia Beverly Hills, and you know what? It’s actually fairly good. The pencil part is a tad waxy, a lot less waxy than their actual cheap eyebrow pencils which I find shit. The spoolie brushes out the colour nicely if you find you over do it to the point where it has gone quite thick and waxy.

I then got some basics like lashes, face masks, socks….yawn. I will say though that the Van’s knock off are my fave. They were €10 and they have been all I’ve been wearing since I got them. I also picked up the frill/lampshade sleeve dress. The shape is so flattering on though I have yet to wear it.

I need to recommend the next item to all the huns out there. I normally get the basic €3 tshirt bra’s from Penneys, you know when you know they’re crap but you get them to ‘tie you over‘ yet you still never buy that one good expensive bra you said you will? Yeah, that’s me. Well, I said I would try the Full Coverage Tshirt bra €8, and thank God I did. It’s the best fitting bra I own. The colour is perfect under white, not to be seen. There is no double boobage, oh no, none of that over here. Just a great all rounder. I also got a  litte lace bralette for only €4!! It is so comfy and pretty, only downside the extra lace under the boob always rolls up. For €4 though I think I can handle it, also comes in teal and white.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what all my money has been going on lately, I’m sure there will probably be another haul soon by the way I’m going.



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