Collective Haul 

Hey gals,

Remember me? I know it’s been a while. I’ve just been living my best life…LOL JK, I have just been working and had nothing to write about, and I just wasn’t into writing any old shite just to get the hits, not about that life boo. 

During the week myself and my ‘better’ half went to the big smoke to see Prof Brian Cox. Naturally I was more excited to shop than go to a science/physics lecture. So I shopped my little heart out so keep reading to see my finds.


Penneys on Mary Street had some really great trend pieces, like their Trend Room totally grabbed me. In saying that as much as I loved the colour and prints of them, there wasn’t really any pieces I liked enough to buy.

I had to get this little floral tea dress. These are perfect for summer days with a denim jacket and Converse, or even a large buckle belt and some black boots to edge it up. It is quite granny on though I will say. I LOVE the gingham trend right now but have nothing of it. I thought these plimsolls were cute. I was conflicted thinking they really look like slippers. I have since taken off the bow as I think that really adds to the slipper vibe. The Tupac top is from the men’s section. I’ve actually wanted a Tupac t-shirt for ages, because I’m hood now don’t you know.


I love this top, the colour, the cross detail, the low sides….something I’ll wear casually and dressed up. If you know me, these socks need no explanation.


Zara is the stuff of dreams, sadly the one day I get there my size is out of stock in most things I want. It was a sad day. This wrap blouse is so beautiful, the colours are so fab. Granted, I still can’t figure out how to wrap it. Basic red and white stripe top, always essential. The blue stripe blouse was a total impulse because I felt I didn’t find enough in there. How sad is that. Worse of all I only realised when I got home there is a pulled thread….hate my life. 


How delish is this bag! I wanted a bag with this ring detail and this one is sheer perfection. It was also there in black but I knew I needed to stray away and this orange colour is amaze. Just totally in love with it, and it was reduced…so smug.


Stradivarius was so on point. Everything caught my eye. I’m so happy with the jeans. I can never find jeans that fit me properly but these have answered my prayers. These are the high waist skinny. Most jeans that claim to be high waist only go below the belly button, not cool. These however actually go TO THE WAIST!! It’s a revelation.


If you’ve been following me a while you know The Vintage Factory in Waterford is a fav of mine and I always wanted to go to the Dublin store. The store itself is so fab, the layout, the VM, I am all over it. They do €20 a kilo. I picked up 2 shirts, of course it’s all I ever get when buying vintage. How similar are they though aha. One is flannel and quite cute. The other is a men’s GAP shirt and I can’t wait to wear it off the shoulder, tied up with black shorts and vans.


When Pull and Bear was in Waterford I was ligit like a walking advertisement for them. It was all I wore. These jeans are also another that fit me so well. Good fitting jeans is literally like an accomplishment for me. The mom/straight jeans I know I will be living in. I want to get them in more colours. I’m so glad I also got my hands on a red belt, something I’ve had difficulty to find.



Right, I’m so cheap with skincare I just don’t want to spend money on it. Then it’s funny how when ‘you’re on holidays’ you spend on it where you wouldn’t at home. The Skin Drink was like €20 which broke my heart I’m not going to lie. I have dehydrated skin and this does what it says on the tin, gives your skin serious moisture. It makes my skin feels so good, and it’s also a great primer for my make up. I know I’ve only used it for a few days but my skin feels 100 times better and makes me feel fresh. I haven’t used Mask of Magnaminty yet but with all the hype around it I’m sure to love it.


Phew, we made it. Hope you liked having a nosey at my few purchases.


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