Why So Serious? 

Hey friends,

I was doing a lot of reflecting on blogging recently. I questioned whether it’s a place I belong and even if I enjoyed it.

Don’t worry, I’m cool, totally over that now but moral of the story is, yes! Yes I do enjoy it and by God I for sure belong. Blogging can be such a serious place. I pride myself on being easy going about the whole thing. I don’t take it as serious as others as it’s just a hobby for me. I can’t really see myself making any sort of profit from it, bar just personal satisfaction and maybe the odd event or two. 


If you follow me you know how much of a piss taker I am, I’m not afraid to poke fun at myself and even the whole blogging thing. My Snapchat (@aoifsp) and Instagram has its blog side but there’s also a lot of me just living my best life, whether it’s an OOTD in the middle of Aldi or downing some gin. I am unapologetically myself, I ain’t trying to impress anyone. There’s no smoke and mirrors with me, what you see is what you get. People have their perspective on what bloggers are like. I guess I’m trying to break that. I’m not one to conform as being the cookie cutter blogger just ain’t for me. You guys ain’t stupid either, you’re well able to see through the fakery and bullshit when somebody’s pretending to be something they’re not.


This ‘shoot’ for example, I loved my outfit. I had been for lunch and some drinks with friends and was a little tipsy shall we say. Myself and my friend were walking home together when I spotted this red door, and in typical blogger style demanded a little shoot in front of it. My friend rolled her eyes and laughed ”When your friend is a blogger…”. We both couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t do your usual blogger poses as I was laughing and cringing to high heaven.

As funny as the photos were I loved them. I originally thought I couldn’t use them in a blog post because they’re not ‘proper’. Then thought fuck that, my blog, my rules. These photos are the reality of Instagram for me.  I want people who follow me to get some style inspiration (as well as some gin cravings) and just have a laugh to forget about the seriousness of life with me.


In a world where we are filled with fear in light of recent events, it puts everything into perspective. I guess what I’m trying to say is blogging can be hard work and you’d be surprised how it can take over every aspect of your life, but for me it’s important to remain true to myself and half a laugh. As annoying as things like Instagram reach or website hits can be, there are much bigger issues to worry about. 

img_7391Blazer/Glasses/Shoes: Penneys | Shirt: Zara |Belt/Jeans: Pull&Bear |Bag: New Look 

So my Jerry Springer style Final Thought is, let’s all lighten the fuck up, focus on yourself and spread love like it’s Nutella. Peace out


INSTAGRAM || img_3471

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