Exploring Edinburgh 

Hey friends,

Just last week I was away in Edinburgh, Scotland with my other half for 4 days. We chose Edinburgh because we wanted a chill holiday, just loads of eating and drinking. We didn’t want to pressure ourselves into seeing ALL the usual tourist spots, as most our holidays we cram as much as we can in and end up needing another holiday to rest from it all.

Anyways, needless to say we got a lot in but also would have loved to do more. The rainy weather was a bit of a hindrance for some of our plans, but the bars we hid from the rain made up for it. (Post about these cool bars will be up soon)

DAY 1 

We arrived at our hotel at about half 10. We stayed in Motel One on Princes Street (one of the main/shopping street). The location of this hotel and the hotel itself was perfect, I’ll totally be going back and really recommend it. I thought it was a great deal too for what we got, think we payed £360 for 3nights. Look, I’m sure you could get cheaper but we could walk everywhere with ease and had great places surrounding us, and best of all..it was quiet.


We started off our day having breakfast in Ryan’s at the end of Princes St, so fab we went back another morning. We then wandered about with no set itinerary. We just so happened across Royal Mile. Here we went to the Camera Obscura which was good craic. Tickets were £15 each but so worth it. Just full of wacky and weird shit. We laughed so hard in maze and the vortex, it set the holiday off perfectly.


Right opposite this was the Scotch Whiskey Experience, something I wasn’t pushed on but Johnny was. We got the basic tour for about £15 but I didn’t feel it was worth it, You get a taster of a whiskey of your choice and the glass to take home. It was my first time having whiskey…and definitely my last…vom! Overall for me, it was just grand, don’t expect anything like the Guinness Storehouse.




We headed to The Huxley for breakfast after hearing great things, although the interior is spot on…neither of us liked our food, oh well. This wouldn’t stop me from going back. Maybe try their lunch menu or go in for coffee and cake, just to take in the interior.


We had booked in for a Gin Distillery tour (sure wouldn’t be like me eh?) We booked this the week before. We got the Gin Discovery Tour for £10. I wanted the Gin Connoisseur one for £25 but it always books out early be aware of this if you’re interested. That tour includes a tasting which would have been divine.


The Gin Distillery is actually in a bar called Heads and Tails. It’s so fab. Our tour guide was so good and I honestly found it really interesting. For £10 I thought it was great. While we were there the guy was making a gin that wasn’t going to be released until September, very cool. They distil their gin in a tiny corner of the bar. It was about 50mins long and it ended with a G&T in a little dungeon section with the rest of the people on the tour with you. This was where we met 2 lovely North Carolina gals and headed off with them for some more gin. That’s one thing I love about holidays is meeting new people.


This day was honestly so miserable, so we couldn’t do what we had planned bar shop. Which obviously I wasn’t going to complain about. Johnny had warned me that it wasn’t a shopping holiday….HAHAHA poor pup who was he kidding.

I did the usual shops but I was all too excited to finally go to Armstrongs Vintage on Grassmarket. LADS, this place was an absolute treasure trove. It was massive with everything you could want sectioned into different eras. I went in Tuesday but got completely overwhelmed and had to leave and go back Wednesday. Seriously I can’t get over it, the merchandising, the stock and the prices too were insane! Ahh loved it. I’ll have a haul of everything I’ve bought so def keep an eye out for that. Eek!



DAY 3 

We started our day at the National Museum, we had planned on going but just so happened across it. This happened a lot throughout the holiday. Honestly just wander about aimlessly and you don’t know what you’ll find. The museum was free and it so pretty inside. It’s big enough but really airy and spacious, you’d definitely get it done fast. There’s loads to see and it’s really interactive so it’s great for kids too. They had a fashion section so obviously I was all about that. There’s tonnes of different sections including science and culture.  For a free museum I really enjoyed.


Thankfully the weather cleared up so we headed to Edinburgh Castle. We never booked it so queued, for about 30mins…I wasn’t too pleased about this, but that’s just because I lack patience. Tickets were £17. Inside there are loads to see, including the Crown Jewels which was pretty cool. There are free 20min tours on the grounds which was handy and really informative. I mean, it was cool and all that but I wouldn’t say it was amazing. Great views of the city though. Keep in mind it very breezy up there.




This was our last day as our flight was that evening but sadly the weather was torrential….sound Scotland. So we just went to the National Gallery for something to do and it was free. For a free gallery I thought it was great. I studied history of art in college so I have a keen interest so I loved it. They have the likes of Monet, Degas, Raphael. If you’re not into art maybe the museum would be a better fit for you. It is quite small so you’d get it done it like an hour or less, something to just kill time.



There were others bits we would have loved to do also but with weather and time it was hard. We thought 4 days would be plenty to get everything done…maybe our day drinking got in the way.

Honestly though I love this city. It so vibrant and full of culture and the architecture is to die. I’d move there in a heartbeat, and I’m determined to make that happen. Edinburgh should be added to your travel plan because you will love it. A quick 50 minute or so flight from Dublin, hard to say no. Be it a week away with the lack or a weekend with the girls it has something for everyone. This little city will definitely hold a place in my heart.

Here’s a list of things we didn’t get to do:

  1. The Zoo
  2. Calton Hill/ Arthur’s Seat
  3. Walking Tour. Sandemans do a free 2 hour walking tour, both a day and a creepier night one. They also do a pub crawl for about £8, which I reckon would be gas and great to meet different people.
  4. Dean Village




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