Edinburgh Haul 

Hi folks,

If you’ve seen my last post here about my recent trip to Scotland you’ll have read that I may have done a spot of shopping. I mean, we were staying right on the main shopping street….it would have been rude of me not to.

Is there anything better when you’re happy with your purchases? Take a little nosy at my buys.


I really didn’t want to go into Penneys for the sheer reason that I work there, it’s my holidays and I just need to avoid it at all costs for the sake of my sanity…understandable right? We actually went in for an umbrella but then I saw their trend room and noticed there was nothing that we had at home. Like honestly I feel like most of the store was stock that Waterford didn’t have (before I was away anyway). So I had to have a shop around and loved everything. Point to note: the plain green tshirt is possibly the softest top I’ve ever owned, it comes with boyfriend approval. Anytime I wear it Johnny can’t stop hugging me…or maybe that’s because it makes my boobs look huge…either way, I ain’t complaining. I love the Gucci style loafers and sliders, I didn’t think the fur sliders would be so comfortable but they really are. I got both reduced too so I was delighted.



I love Urban Outfitters but let’s be honest…they are so overpriced that I can never afford anything. I just always end up touching things and feeling sad. I went in for the sale but only ended up getting one thing…that wasn’t reduced, typical. I love this Umbro t-shirt all the same. Oh so very 90s. 




If you read my post here you know how much I loved this place. I am gutted I didn’t buy more but I only brought carry on luggage stupidly. Looking back I really wished I had checked in a bag because I have serious regret now. Bare this in mind if you are an avid shopper like me, especially when it comes to vintage. You will die.

Anyways, I love what I picked up. Especially the 70s mustard jacket for £26…I mean, can you cope. Absolute steal! Also I am so happy with the printed trousers. I think they were only about £8 but I can’t get over how well they fit for a vintage trouser.


I love a good Kiko shop any time I’m away foreign. I never realised Edinburgh had one so had to pop in. I really just wanted to get their felt lined which is a fave of mine. I also got a BB cream to try. First impression of it thought isn’t the best really but sure we’ll make do.



There was a JD Sports in the airport and I personally don’t like coming home with money from holidays. My view is I saved for this holiday so by God am I going to blow it all. I only got this t-shirt that I wanted. Johnny has the black and I just wear that, so the khaki was colour of choice. A yellow one is on my hit list. If you’re interested in these tshirts they are VERY oversized. So much so that this is actually a size 4 and I’m normally a 8\10…..and it’s still a very loose fit on me.



If you know me, you know gin is my thang. One for all and all for gin. I knew I was going to get the Edinburgh Gin here especially after trying it in the distillery. Its a London Dry so it’s delish. Then I saw the Hendricks and couldn’t resist, especially with the little tea set…how sweet. Think I payed £23 for the Edinburgh Gin and £35 for the Hendricks. I’m set for a little while now anyway.



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