Everyday Festival 

So, there I was Saturday evening just out of work. I new a takeaway was on the cards, the uuusual weekend eh? But I was hoping that my man would take me out for a drink, I had a thirst on me for a gin, wouldn’t be like me. 

With that wishful thinking I threw on this outfit, with a little grunge vibe in mind. Once I put the kimono on I was like ‘daaayum mama looks fiiine’. I can say that right. I’m allowed think I look decent sometimes hah. 

Do you know when you have an outfit on and are so completely obsessed with it you decide you want to be buried in it? Yeah. That’s how I feel with this look. I’ve never felt more ‘me‘ in an outfit. I want to wear this every day. 

I found this kimono in TKMaxx for a steal at €10. I’ve started my winter wardrobe shopand I felt a bit stupid buying a kimono but I knew it had to be mine. I’m so glad I got it because it really completes the look right? I’ve even worn it as a top so I’m determined to get my wear out of a typical summer piece right into winter. 

Johnny was a bit like, ‘where ya off to girl you’re not going to a festival‘. It didn’t even occure to me how ‘festival’ this was, but this look was so casual to me. 

So I thought I’d use this look to give you guys some festival outfit inspiration for those lucky lot heading to EP this weekend. It’s pretty simple really it’s the little things like the kimono and headpiece that give it those festival vibes. 

Skirt/Belt/Headband: Penneys | TShirt: Missguided | Kimono: TKMaxx | Boots: ASOS/NewLook

Shout out to Waterford Walls forever providing serious background insp. I mean, this piece is absolutely insane. It works so perfect with this look 👌🏼


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