Out With The New, In With The Old…

It is no surprise that I love vintage and charity shopping. I’m well aware that both of these make some shudder at the thought. I totally get it. When I was younger my Dad would go charity shopping and I thought it was the most rancid thing, “Why would you want to wear other people’s hand me downs, you don’t know where they’ve been“. Sure, I was young and naive. Funny enough I actually did work experience in a charity shop for a week….little Aoife trivia there for you now. 

Anywho, as I grew up my love for vintage arose. Not only do I love the style but also for the same reason I would give out to my Dad….I LOVE thinking about who may have worn the items before. Especially those gorge sequin dresses, like imaaaagine the lady who wore that, going to a dance, or a date, ugh I die. It’s just like stepping inside a time warp, the stores are always so quirky and fun. 

With vintage love soon came my charity shopping habit. You just don’t know what you’ll find. I’ve gotten SO MANY bargains you wouldn’t believe. You could go in with €10 and come out with loads of great things. Not all of it is dirt like some might think. Even the likes of books and furniture charity shops are great for. You’re also doing some good too so, win win. 

I actually think now why I probably love the two is because they both are such little treasure troves. Walking into ordinary high street store you know what to expect, the usual current trend, standard basics. Then you get to a vintage or charity shop and it’s literally a mix of fucking everything. I honestly get such a thrill and adrenaline rush browsing them. Honest to God. It thrills me. Who needs drugs when you got a shopping problem eh?! 

Whats the difference between the two?

Well, vintage shops would generally have items 20years and older. As for charity shopping there is no age restriction. Then there’s thrift stores, which is we don’t really have here in Ireland. These are kind of a mix of the two. You could find something second hand or you could find vintage Fendi for an absolute steal. 

What I love about style is just mixing it up. Throwing high street, vintage, charity pieces together. It’s just fun, and it works so why not. Try something new, step outside your comfort zone and see what may come of it…what have to you got to lose?

Shirt: Nine Crows| Blazer: Charity| Jeans&Boots: Penneys 


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