Staycation: Dingle 

As my birthday present from my other half I got a little trip to Dingle. Having never been sure I was only delighted. As happy as I was, I didn’t have a clue what there was to do there. Here’s a little run down of our time in beautiful Kerry.

Day 1: 

Our trip started on a Monday and the weather was beautiful. I was a bit meh about the 4 hour drive but driving along The Wild Atlantic Way was too gorgeous, so made it a bit easier. It’s really quintessentially Irish. 

We took a pit stop at Inch Beach for some food at Sammys Resteraunt, where we sat with a beautiful view and watched the world pass. The beach is well worth a little stop over, maybe take a surf lesson if that’s your thing. 

When we got to Dingle we stayed in The Hillgrove Guesthouse. It’s litch the basic of the basic, but that’s really all you’ll get. I’d never stayed in a guesthouse before but I definitely would again, not as bad I had expected. I like my luxury you see. The place actually has a nightclub right beside it, gas! Apparently it’s Dingles only nightclub. Devastatingly is was closed midweek…sigh. 

First thing we did was go see Fungie. Something I really didn’t care for doing, having a fear of water and generally not being arsed, but I’m so glad I did. It cost us €17pp.  The views were incredible. We got to see ‘Fungi’ too. Fungi who in my opinion has died many a time. There’s 100% more than one dolphin😏 I also didn’t like that so many boats were on top of him, but hey it’s Dingles main/only tourist attraction. Once he dies they’re fucked hah. No but seriously, it’s worth seeing ONLY on a nice day. It would literally be the worst thing alive if it was miserable and wet. Trust me on that.

That night we then just went drinking, as per. There’s apparently like 53 pubs in Dingle, all exactly what you’d expect to find old traditional pubs with trad…exactly what’s you want though. There’s Adams Bar which is v small but lovely. There’s also Foxy Johns which is part hardware store, litch one side bar, other shop, briliant. The back room has a big open fire, so nice. Also O’Sullivans is great, serious buzz. Last but def the best is Dicky Macs. Small but the craic is mighty. Bitta music and sing song, random dogs walking about, massive whisky selection. GET ON IT! 

Day 2:

Dingle was horrible with rain this time so we had to think of indoor activities….keep it clean folks 😝 

We went to OceanWorld which is the aquarium. Honestly I didn’t expect much but it was so good. For €15 a ticket and you could come and go as you please that day. They’ve a huge shark tank, tunnel walk through, otters which were so cute, and then my favourite, penguins. We didn’t spend too long here to be honest but it well worth a little trip. 

We went to The Dingle Distillery where they do vodka, whiskey and, my favourite GIN. I think it was about €15 for an hour tour where you get a shot of vodka, glass of whiskey and glass of gin…so I was happy out. I love distillery tours and this is a must while in Dingle. I also just love meeting people on tours like this, especially when there’s drink involved.

That night we went to The Boathouse Resteraunt for dinner, as recommended. It’s such a lovely place with a conservatory style seating area and a view of the harbour…which would have been nicer with better weather. I got the veggie burger which was beaut.

Day 3: 

Well, there was no day 3. Dingle continued to just be miserable and wet and cold. There are so many great pubs and coffee shops, quirky places and the people are just lovely. It’s full of tourists and great buzz about but in my opinion there isn’t a whole lot to do, I mean there’s tonnes of outdoor stuff ( rock climbing, paintball, horse riding etc) but I’m not an outdoorsy gal, I like my outdoor to be..a pub…outside..smoking area..with a drink in my hand you feel me?

I think maybe if you’re in Kilarney it’s a great spot for a little trip. Our 2 days was enough I felt. The weather for sure spoiled our fun, but hey…thats part of the package I guess.


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