Old Clothes With A New Style

Hello my friends,

Feels like it’s been an age. I fear I’ve even lost the flow of writing, eeek. Things have gotten a bit hectic on me since my last post. I’ve gone back to college which is really exciting. As much as I’m loving it I am overwhelmed with assignments which leaves me little time to blog. Juggling everything is definitely a struggle but sure look, as such is life. 

Anyway, I was going through my wardrobe seeing pieces I had from summer that I hadn’t gotten enough wear out of…a common problem. Also, let’s get real, I can’t afford to constantly buy new items every week, so it’s important to transition what you have. Fuck buying clothes constantly, or feeling like you have to in order to look good or look current. Think about new ways of styling old clothes. I love to even wear dresses as tops tucked into jeans and skirts, get value for money hunty. 

This dress from Boohoo I love but only wore once. I knew it would work with tights as it was loose fit. Personally I hate tights with tight fit skirts/dresses, well with exceptions. 

I’ve had this jumper since last year from Penneys. It’s a great colour that goes with everything. I actually took a gogo tied the end of the jumper and tucked it under, just to let the belt be seen. A little tip for you there #LeathersTopTip. 

Jacket: River Island | Jumper/Boots/Belt: Penneys | Dress: Boohoo | Hat: The Vintage Factory 


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