New Years Thoughts

Awaits the inevitable “New Year, New Me” shenanigans. Nothing I’d begrudge anyone. New year really is a perfect time to start a fresh, so it’s great to see people committing to change they want in their life. As well as a time to reflect over the past year, for better or worse.

I’m not one for resolutions, new year same old shite for me really. I find I’m always at a different stage of my life as the new year comes around. Mostly being able to predict where the year will take me, which I like. For some, they’re excited about the unknown and not knowing where life could lead. As for me, nah. Give me plans, I need them.

Looking into next year, I really don’t know where life may take me. Which, in all honesty…terrifies me. Having gone back to college recently, I know big changes are coming. Both in my career and my location. Which is great. I felt I needed a change, which is why at 27 I decided to go back to study. Now that it’s coming closer…it makes me nervous. Am I ready for this? Is this what I want?

I’d like to be more positive and assertive and say Im ready for what the year throws at me, but realistically I’ll probably have an absolute meltdown about something that’s really good for me but I’ll see the down sides of hahah ahhh the joys of anxiety

As for 2017, it was a funny one for me. It left me with much to be desired. Let’s just say it’s a year I’m glad to be leaving behind.

Eitherway, a new year is coming. Got to roll with the punches. I’ll remain hopeful of what’s to come, and if I’m still where I am in life this time next year…that’s ok too. Once I’m happy sure isn’t that really all that matters.


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