‘Mature’ Student

Having already graduated from college a good 7 years ago now. I had thought my college years were behind me. Having said that, even when I did graduate I still hadn’t a damn clue what I wanted to do.

I then decided to do an art portfolio course because at the time I wanted to do advertising. I left this course 2months before finishing because I just was not into it. I also realised I did not want to go into advertising. Fuck, how does anybody know what they want to do. Count yourself lucky if you’ve had a dream job you’re entire life and sought that out GO YOU!! Honestly, it’s so rare.

Anyway, years went by where I just worked and hoped one day I’d have a sudden realisation of where my life should go and what I wanted to do. You know what, I kind of did I knew I loved retail but did not want to be on the shop floor, fashion Buying seemed like the right fit.

I had tried going about work experience for this but it was harder than I thought. So I knew college was the only answer. Honestly I was so eager to do a course, I wanted to do one for years before I eventually acted on it.

I chose to do a part time course (1 day a week) over 9 months. Seemed like a great idea, so I could work also and I so did not want to do a full time course. That’s something I for sure would not be able for/wanted this stage of my life.

Having said that, working (practically) full time and going to college has been tough. Probably harder as I had to travel to Dublin, though it was one day it was one damn long day. Going back to college at my age is so hard. I really admire those that decided to go full time.

That said, maybe part time was harder because you have other priorities in your life, you’re not so engulfed in college/college work. With full time, you are always doing it, it’s a huge part of your life. But nah, noway could I have done it, 1 day was enough for me.

It was nice to be productive again and feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile in life. I did miss my free time though with all the college work I had, but such is life.

Now that I’ve finished I am so proud of myself. It’s something I really wasn’t sure if I’d leave or not. It was tough going.

For anyone who’s my age or older and looking to go back to college, I wouldn’t discourage but I’d tell you that it’s not easy. But maybe at this age we’re more determined than ever to get something out of everything we do. Sometimes you can feel stuck at a certain stage in life, and everything just passes by. If going back to college has been playing on your mind for a while deffo just go for it.

I’m so glad I did. Whether anything comes of it or not, I stuck it out and I’m so proud.

If you do decide to go back to education later in life WELL DONE!!!

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