Daniel Wellington Watches for Women

I think it’s fair to say that when you think of watch brands, few come to mind…but Daniel Wellington always sticks out. They are reknowned for their gorgeous range but also their great quality.  I’ve been admiring Daniel Wellington watches for a while now so I feel very lucky to be working with them. They make such affordable and classic watches for women, but they too stock a great range of mens watches.


I received the FAB Melrose Petite rose gold watch. I love how dainty it is, the 32mm is a lovely size, with it’s thin straps, for me as I have tiny wrists. I love mesh straps for dressing up my outfits, as they are a bit more formal I think. I mainly have silver jewellery so it’s nice to have a piece that actually goes with any gold accessories I have.

Likewise you can mix and match gold and silver because who really cares, you do you boo.


I then went for the Petite York as I’ve been wanting a leather strap watch for an absolute age, but I find cheap ones the straps don’t last long at all. I used to buy cheap ones repeatedly but I’m so excited to finally have one I know will last me a lifetime. I could’nt choose between a brown or a black strap as I really wanted both. This dark brown colour though is just perfect.


A great feature is that the watch straps are interchangable. That way, if there is a watch face you like but doesnt come with your prefered strap, you can just buy the strap. Perfecto. These Daniel Wellington watch straps start at only €25.

These watches honestly make me so happyyyyyy!! I can’t stop looking at my wrist #armcandy. Such timeless pieces, pun totally intended. They also do gorge little bangle cuffs to compliment your watch. If you want to make a cheeky purchase for yourself, or treat a loved one to a gift of one I have got you covered.

For 15% discount, use the code LEATHERCONFESSIONS at the checkout       #ad

Happy Shopping


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