48 Hours in Killarney

The last time I was in Killarney I must have turned about 9 and went with my cousins family. I can’t remember anything from then to be honest but it’s been a place I haven’t heard a bad word about.

I was surpirsed by Johnny with a trip to the Kingdom for my birthday, as I have been dying to go for an age.

We heading down on a Sunday morning, with a heap of great suggestions from you guys about where to go and eat.

To Do:

We stayed in the Killarney Court Hotel. It was just grand, your basic hotel 10min walk from town. You could definitly get nicer hotels but it was fine to sleep in.

Our first port of call was the Torc Waterfall. It was stunning! Like, I could just sit and watch it all day. From here you could do a walk. I think there is also an entrance to the national park here too.

After this we took a spin to Muckross Farmhouse. Point to note actually if you want to do anything outdoorsy you will have to drive. There not too bad of a spin, the views make up for it.

The Farmhouse is basically like a recreation of farmhouses and a school in rural Ireland around the 40s. Honestly was just a load of little farmhouses. Was cute but could take it or leave it. The only thing that made me enjoy it was the little piglets and a little pet farm that had puppies…I was in my element. They made it well worth it.

On our second day we went to see Ladies View. The spin to this was incredible, it didn’t look real. The views were mad, you’re pretty much driving up a mountain. When we got to Ladies View I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was. By far a highlight of the trip. We walked out and took in the vast mountainous views. So beautiful. We then went to the cafe opposite and sat on the rooftop with a coffee (we we’re severely hungover) and lapped it up.

We then headed to Muckross House. There’s tonnes of land to walk around with a beautiful lake. Gorgeous spot even for a little picnic. We did a guided tour of the house. Again, it was alright. Johnny didn’t enjoy it that much but I liked the house itself. Some rooms were extra AF. If you’re looking to kill time I’d give it a go.

What we missed:

Sadly we we’re too hungover the second day to do too much. But there’s heap more to do in Killarney. Like Killarney National Park, Gap of Dunloe, Ross Castle, Ring of Kerry, Torc Mountain….it goes on. Loads of great outdoors stuff. Which I’m not usual one for but it’s made me want to do more. Just call me Mother Nature now aight šŸ˜‰

To Eat/Drink:

The choice of pubs in Killarney is endless. A haven of ‘diddly eye potato’ music as I like to call it. I mean, when I go to somewhere like Killarney I want some trad going down.

The most suggested pub was J.M Reidys. An old sweet shop with tonnes of little nooks and alcoves of seating and several bars inside. It also has a great outdoor area. I mean it lived up to the hype. The place was hopping. All ages, everyone was just living their best life. There was music going out the back and the front. It was such a good buzz.

My brother (who lives in Killarney) brought us to Charlie Foleys. It seemed innocent enough then it got fairly lively. Mainly a young crowd. Live music too. Nice spot for throwing shapes.

For food we went to The PorterHouse. Its got a little bit of everything so there’s something to suit all. Good price point too with nice portion size.

We also went to The Black Sheep Cafe. It’s a real funky little place. Cute seating area outside. Perfect spot for a caffeine hit and some cake.

Food/ drink places suggested but missed:

1. Cronins Resteraunt

2. Cafe du Pairc

3. Khao Asian Street Food

4. Scotts

5. The Grand

6. Social 15

Honestly, you won’t regret a trip to the Kingdom ā¤ļø

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