Madrid Food/Drink Guide

For all of my holidays I like to make a list of places I want to go see, things I want to do. This time around, I went with a list of places I wanted to eat and drink. I thank you lot for that, you suggested great places to hit up so that was my mission; eat and drink my way around Madrid OLÉ

1. Hotel Emperador

I mention here because it was where we stayed and the spot was V cool. It is a rooftop bar on Gran Via, so in a great location. In turn this also meant pricey drinks. Cocktails cost €14/€15. Granted they we’re beautiful and the views we’re fab. If you’re willing to splurge, it’s for you. Even a small glass of Sangria is €6. Glass of Pinot will cost you €5, which is average really.

2. 1862 Dry Bar

We happened upon this quaint little bar strolling around for more drink, standard. It’s very chill and hip (don’t think I’ve ever called anything hip before) The crowd is quite young. Don’t expect a wild night here, but in the best way. Sit, chat, enjoy your company and your drinks. We got the Gin Fizz, which was delicious. Think they cost around €10.

3.Circulo De Bellas Arts

Ahhhh this place was my favourite. It came highly recommended and the hype was worth it.

There is a regular restaraunt on the ground floor of the building. You must go to the side of the building to enter. It’s €4 to enter but when you get there you will die.

So it’s a rooftop bar with beds to one side, the other has tables with some lounge areas and a sit down dinner spot. There’s such great views of the city. Make sure to go for sunset at least once anyway.

We actually went twice here because I just fell in love. Seriously good vibes, good music and my God the waiters were a SNACK.

When they serve your drink they bring the actual bottle over on a tray too which was faaaaaancy. Wine and Sangria cost €5/6 but if you get Hendricks you’re paying €15! I know. Now they do fill literally half the glass with gin, but you’ll be nursing that glass let me tell you.

4. La Probeta

This is such a cool little spot. It’s basically a lab style set up where drinks are served in beakers and test tubes. You have a selection of unusual (but gorgeous) drinks to choose from. We also got some paprika cheese with pear jam, couldn’t resist it was beautiful.

We actually had such a good time here. The prices were really good. We got fairly tipsy here, did want to go back another day but never got a chance. The pineapple and pear cider ughhhhh soooo gooood. A must do for something totally different.

5. La Rollerie

We went here twice for breakfast. I kept it simple each time with a latte and croissant, my faves, while Johnny got some form of eggy goodness. I think my coffee and croissant was only like €3, winning. I reckon it would be nice for brunch too.

It’s a really sweet spot with fast service. We went to the one in Sol, as it was closest to our hotel. It was in a cute little side street. Sit outside and watch the world go by.

6. Mad Waffle

Oh sweet Jesus! I have such a sweet tooth and always wanted to try a bubble waffle, lucky for me there was a Mad Waffle right across from where we were staying.

Think it cost €6 but the thing is massive. You get to choose the favour of your waffle itself, I went for chocolate. It’s stuffed with ice cream of choice and toppings of choice, for me, Oreos and marshmallows. It was a dream. God, I’m salivating just thinking about it. Be sure to get on that.

7. Cereal Hunters Cafe

We took a trip here one morning for breakfast. The wall is a sea of all kinds of cereal. You can choose your size bowl, cereal, flavoured milk and toppings.

I went for unicorn fruit loops with strawberry

It’s fun for something different. Good spot for maybe a mid morning snack. Or evening….I much prefer cereal in the evening, anyone else?

8. Viandas

We spotted these meat places dotted around the city. We got peckish one day and noticed a sign outside for a ham roll and beer for €5, I mean hard to turn down.

They were unreal for that price, actually great quality. Perfect for a cheap lunch.

9. Carls Jr

McDonalds but better quality. Actually feel bad comparing it to Maccy Ds. I mean, I got a double cheese burger for like less than €3 but the meat is beautiful and can taste the quality. We may have went in a few times. It deserves a place on my list because if I could have it right now I would 100%.

10. De Mario

We chanced upon this resteraunt after a couple of drinks and am I glad we did. First off, we both really enjoyed our food. The thing that sealed the deal for us was all the extra it offered with dinner.

As you’re seated we got a glass of sparling rosé, bread, cheese and crackers. Then as your food is served we got bloody Mary’s (that’s a no from me). Not only that, after we finished our meal we we’re given 2 desserts AND a beaker of limoncello….all extras! I mean, we couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t going anywhere till I made a dent in that limoncello, it’s not faaaave. We we’re stuffed. Our meal was only around €50 such great value.

11. San Miguel Market

This is a brilliant market right off Plaza Mayor. You have a mix of every food and dessert, as well as great drinks stalls.

It’s a hive of people. Grab a sangria and just walk around trying different things from each stand. A great place to grab a quick bite while walking about the city too.

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