Quietly Content

It has been a minute since we had a catch up. I actually missed doing proper outfit blog posts. It’s hard knowing that people don’t actually read blog posts anymore ( hi to those 5 that read this, much love to you)

Bloggers tend to focus on Instagram knowing well that blogs are kind of dying. It’s even harder doing fashion and trying to keep up with trends. Then when you buy your gorge clothes and post photos, it’s hard to wear it again knowing its already been seen. Trust me, I’m aware of how actually pathetic that sounds but it’s a fact of blogger life. I’m putting a stop to this pronto though. I buy nice clothes to wear them and have them seen, fuck wearing them once for an Instagram. Who do we think we actually are, though I will fear my following will decline after seeing me in the same top throughout winter…awks.

I actually wrote a post about this last year, the idea of being a broke blogger read it here.

Anyway, where was I going with this. Yes, my life has been going quite content lately. I usually complain that nothing’s going on. Don’t you hate chatting to someone asking each other is there any news, and you both moan about how ye have none and life is boring and shit. In actual fact I find I’m busy lately.

Leather Confessions has been thriving (never used that word before, glad we are all here to witness it) I’ve been keeping super busy. I’m still just a small fish in a big pond but I’m happy with where things are going and the pace it’s happening. Don’t get me wrong, finding time to create content for a blog when you work full time is a struggle and really bothers me as I can’t put as much into it as I’d like. But such is life, we make do with what we have.

Either way I’m feeling really motivated, and that’s all down to the little things that I have accomplished lately. I normally brush off little achievements I’ve made, playing cool that they mean nothing not wanting to seem boasting. In reality I’m delighted, and should really be more vocal about it. So let me be the first to say….I’m delighted with myself *said in thick Waterford accent.

TShirt: Market Stall

Skirt/Cardigan/Shoes: Penneys

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