48 Hours in Kinsale

Well hello there, it’s been a while.

It’s been so long since my last proper blog post, even longer since my last travel one. This year Johnny and I have been saving for our own home ( which can’t happen soon enough) so with that we have decided to only do staycations this year. Honestly at first I was thrilled about this idea because I really do love seeing more parts of our Emerald Isle, but then seeing people’s holidays snaps seriously aches my heart every time. I would love nothing more than getting on a plane into a very sunny hot climate, but look such is life and it’s a sacrifice that will be well worth it in the end.

Anyways, for my birthday this year, the last of my 20s, myself and Johnny travelled to Kinsale with my best gal pal and her fella for the bank holiday weekend. I have been to Kinsale a few years back but couldn’t remember much so I was really looking forward to going back.

It was only about 2 hours from Waterford so the journey wasn’t too bad. We stayed in an apartment dead centre of Kinsale called Kinsale Suites. So as for location it was honestly ideal. I mean, generally the apartment itself, it was grand. Hotels were fair pricey so we took the apartment route which worked out fine for us.

We didn’t have any plans other than to eat and drink our way around the town, and that my friends I can say we accomplished. On the Sunday night for the Regatta Festival that was on, there were fireworks which we drunkenly sprinted to from the pub. I like to think they were for me and my birthday, yano!

The Greyhound and The Market are 2 pubs right beside each other, I think they could even have a bar attached, or I could have seen double that night. Regardless, those spots were our favourite. It was a really popular spot just a good atmosphere. The Greyhound is essentially an ‘old man’ pub and The Market was more retro 70s vibe but both had a good mix of a crowd.

We checked out Hamlets for cocktails which had a good outdoor area. There’s also The Spaniard which is up the hill from the harbour, bit of a walk but few drinks in you ya won’t even feel it.

Try some grub in Mother Hubbard’s, right at the famous Stone Mad store. It’s a very cute cottage like spot with a huge menu. Ideal more so for a breakfast or brunch.

Cosy Corner cafe was right around from where we stayed so we actually went there twice. Again, very cute and such a nice spot to sit outside if you manage to catch some rays in a very rainy Kinsale.

Also we had booked Bruno’s for my birthday meal, little Italian spot. Oh good Jesus it was beaut. From the garlic bread to the meaty pizza to the wine…def a must.

Anyways, there’s heaps more pubs and food places. It’s a small town so you can def get round to it all in a weekend…if you start early. I would seriously go back even for just a night which I’d say is honestly enough if you’ve been before…unless you’re a heavy drinker šŸ˜…

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