Throwback Beauty 

Hey friends, So if you’re like me you own a lot of makeup. We constantly buy the newest products, but what happens to our older ones? Well we just leave them gather dust while we use our shiny newer ones. Recently I’ve started to go back to my older makeup and reminding myself why I … More Throwback Beauty 

Primark Haul 

Hello friends, It’s that time of year where everyone is up to their eyes in stress about getting Christmas presents. What will I get? Will they like it? What size are they? For me, it’s only fair to treat yo self while you’re at it. I mean, working in the biggest retail store during the Christmas … More Primark Haul 

Primark A/W Haul 

Hey friends, Ahhh Autumn, my favourite time of the year. Crisp fallen leaves, cosy knits, I am so ready for the colder weather and wrap up in layers. Thank God for oversized jumpers hiding a multitude, and tights with dresses, avoiding shaving for weeks…no? Just me? Autumn and Winter are the best fashion seasons. I’ve … More Primark A/W Haul 

Holiday Haul 

Hey guys, Are you ready for the mother of all hauls? While in Rome I had to make time for some shopping. I’m just one of those people that wherever I am, I’m going to want to shop, and having researched the shops in Rome, boy did I have to shop. One thing I’ll tell … More Holiday Haul 

Pre Holiday Haul 

Hey folks, If you have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (aoifsp), you’ll be well aware that I am going to Rome for a few days to continue the celebrations of my birthday. I’m just back from town after picking up the last few bits, which I’ve for sure forgotten something. To be honest, I am … More Pre Holiday Haul