New Years Thoughts

Awaits the inevitable “New Year, New Me” shenanigans. Nothing I’d begrudge anyone. New year really is a perfect time to start a fresh, so it’s great to see people committing to change they want in their life. As well as a time to reflect over the past year, for better or worse. I’m not one … More New Years Thoughts

The Liebster Award 

Hiya, So this post comes from my nomination for The Liebster Award from the lovely Katie at The Style Blossom. I’m obsessed with Instagram and it’s where I came across Katie’s blog. So be sure to check it out. The Liebster Award is basically chosen by bloggers for bloggers. Just a great way of promoting blogs … More The Liebster Award 

NYE Partywear 

Hey folks, New Years Eve is less than 2weeks away, say what? The party season is in full swing and I’m sure you have your outfits planned but have you thought ahead to New Years Eve? I know I certainly haven’t, too much in a heap thinking about presents. New Years Eve is the one … More NYE Partywear 

The Christmas Tag

Hello one, hello all, As I am a brand spanking new blogger anything I can get involved in I am more than willing to do. So when I was tagged to do The Christmas Tag by Ciara from The Ciara Chronicles I jumped at the chance. Sadly I’m not feeling very festive so far this season. I … More The Christmas Tag

The Coat Edition

Hey friends, We’re right into December now and we are freezing! A winter coat is essential at this time of the year. I was inspired to write this post as I looked through my wardrobe to realise…..I am a coat hoarder. I have too many costs to count, I’m shocked. I must be subconsciously drawn … More The Coat Edition