The Liebster Award 

Hiya, So this post comes from my nomination for The Liebster Award from the lovely Katie at The Style Blossom. I’m obsessed with Instagram and it’s where I came across Katie’s blog. So be sure to check it out. The Liebster Award is basically chosen by bloggers for bloggers. Just a great way of promoting blogs … More The Liebster Award 

Art and Fashion 

Hey guys, I’m not sure how much this post will interest most of you that follow me for fashion and beauty updates. But this is something that I wanted to write about as it is my two loves combined, Art and Fashion. And I’m now kicking myself I didn’t write my dissertation in college on … More Art and Fashion 

Denim Days OOTD #2

   I have so many clothes I forget what I have, including this denim shirt. Most people see denim shirts more as a summer item, which I get. They’re a great piece to have in the wardrobe, but throughout the year. In the Summer it can be worn as oversized and opened as something to … More Denim Days OOTD #2

The Coat Edition

Hey friends, We’re right into December now and we are freezing! A winter coat is essential at this time of the year. I was inspired to write this post as I looked through my wardrobe to realise…..I am a coat hoarder. I have too many costs to count, I’m shocked. I must be subconsciously drawn … More The Coat Edition

Christmas Wishlist  

Hey guys, With Christmas only a few weeks away YAY!, I decided it was about time to get my wishlist ready. I’ve noticed as I’m getting older each year I struggle to know what I want for Christmas, are you guys the same? This year though I’ve come across bits that I wouldn’t mind finding … More Christmas Wishlist